Jay & The Americans

Jay and The Americans
Jay y los Americanos
Years active
1960 - 1973
United States
Pop music group. Reformed with the third "Jay" in the group's history in 2006.
Jay Black Lead vocals (1962-1973)
Sandy Deanne
Marty Sanders
Kenny Vance
Howie Kane


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Covers by Jay & The Americans

Title Performer Release date Originally by
1969 Jay & The Americans - Arranged & Conducted by : Garry Sherman
  1963 Sunny Gale with Orchestra directed by Ralph Burns REL, Johnny Mathis with Ray Ellis and His Orchestra REC
  1963 Dick Gautier, Susan Watson and Teenagers PRF,REL
March 15, 1969 The Cleftones
1965 David Whitfield with Mantovani and His Orchestra and Chorus
1969 Jay & The Americans
May 1966 Roy Orbison with Bob Moore's Orch. & Chorus
February 1970 The Ronettes
1962 Teddy Daryll
1969 The Drifters [US1]
  1963 Hal Kemp and His Orchestra – Vocal Chorus by Bob Allen REC, Morton Downey PRF
1963 The Coasters
  1963 Matt Monro REL, Anthony Newley PRF
June 30, 1964 A. Celentano con I Ribelli
March 15, 1969 Jessie Belvin
1963 (unknown performer)
March 15, 1969 The Impressions
1967 The Beatles
March 17, 2010 Freddie Scott
March 15, 1969 The Mystics
February 1970 Chuck Jackson
  1963 Peter Lind Hayes, Eddie Quillan, Frank Jenks & Robert Paige BRD, Russ Morgan and His Orchestra – Vocal Chorus by Jimmy Lewis REC
  1967 Wynn Murray PRF, Buddy Clark - Orchestra under the direction of Mitchell Ayres REL
February 1970 Chuck Berry
May 1962 Little Willie Littlefield
February 1970 Gilbert Bécaud, Jill Corey with Jimmy Carroll
March 15, 1969 The Harptones
1969 Roy Orbison with Bob Moore's Orch. & Chorus
Covered by John Stephan
February 1970 Jackie Wilson
August 18, 2011 The Everly Brothers
March 15, 1969 Elvis Presley with The Jordanaires
February 1970 Jerry Butler
August 1966 The Mama's and The Papa's
  May 1962 Audrey Hepburn BRD, Henry Mancini and His Orchestra and Chorus REC,REL
  March 15, 1969 Orchester Georges Boulanger, Joe Loss and His Band (Vocalist: Chick Henderson) REL, Ambrose and His Orchestra REC
1967 King Cole - With Orchestra conducted by Frank DeVol
March 1968 Isabel Bigley & Bill Hayes
August 18, 2011 Roy Orbison and The Candy Men
March 15, 1969 Johnny Ace - Johnny Otis Orchestra
1965 April Young
1966 Jay & The Americans
1966 Jay and The Americans
May 1962 The Drifters - Arranged & Conducted by Stan Applebaum
January 1962 Teddy Daryll
October 28, 1968 The Skyliners - Lenny Martin and The Orchestra
December 1971 Neil Diamond
  August 1965 Frank Sinatra REC, Ezio Pinza PRF
February 1970 The Drifters - Arr. & Cond. by Ray Ellis
March 15, 1969 The Tymes
May 1962 Ben E. King - Orch. arr. & Cond. by Stan Applebaum
May 1962 Ben E. King - Arr. & Cond. by Stan Applebaum
1963 (unknown), Mr. Harry Dearth
December 1971 The Drifters [US1]
1967 Lou Johnson
1963 Tullio Carminati
August 1966 Frankie Valli
1966 (unknown)
Things Go Better with Coke Jay & The Americans Unverified
1963 Woody Guthrie
October 28, 1968 The Drifters [US1]
  August 1961 Carol Lawrence & Larry Kert REC,REL, Larry Kert and Carol Lawrence PRF
1970 Andy Kim
1967 The Cascades
1965 Gene Pitney
October 1969 The Ronettes
1967 Mike Clifford
March 1969 The Turbans
1967 Jerry Butler
August 18, 2011 The Shirelles
1962 Ben E. King - Arr. & Cond. by Stan Applebaum
May 1962 Ben E. King - Arr. & Cond. by Stan Applebaum
February 1970 Ian and Sylvia

Sampled songs



Title Performer Release date Label
Cara, Mia Jay & The Americans May 1965 United Artists Records
Come a Little Bit Closer Jay & The Americans - Arranged & Conducted by : Garry Sherman June 30, 1964 United Artists Records
Come Dance with Me Jay & The Americans September 1963 United Artists Records
Crying Jay & The Americans May 1966 United Artists Records
(He's) Raining in My Sunshine Jay and The Americans October 13, 1966 United Artists Records
Hushabye Jay & The Americans May 1969 United Artists Records
(I'd Kill) For the Love of a Lady Jay & The Americans August 1969 United Artists Records
Let's Lock the Door (And Throw Away the Key) Jay & The Americans November 25, 1964 United Artists Records
Livin' Above Your Head Jay & The Americans July 1966 United Artists Records
Livin' Above Your Head Jay and The Americans June 10, 1966 United Artists Records
No Other Love Jay and The Americans March 1968 United Artists Records
Only in America Jay and The Americans July 23, 1963 United Artists Records
She Cried Jay and The Americans January 1962 United Artists Records
Some Enchanted Evening Jay and The Americans August 1965 United Artists Records
Sunday and Me Jay & The Americans October 1965 United Artists Records
There Goes My Baby Jay & The Americans December 1971 United Artists Records
Things Are Changing Jay and The Americans 1966 Ad Council
This Magic Moment Jay and The Americans October 28, 1968 United Artists Records
Tonight Jay and The Americans August 1961 United Artists Records
To Wait for Love Jay & The Americans February 1964 United Artists Records
Walkin' in the Rain Jay & The Americans October 1969 United Artists Records
When You Dance Jay & The Americans March 1969 United Artists Records
Yes - Versione Italiana Jay & The Americans 1962 United Artists Records

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