Maurice Pon

Maurice Pon
Real name
Maurice Marie Jean Pon
October 26, 1921
April 3, 2019


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Songs written by Maurice Pon

Original songs

Adapted songs

Title Written by Originals Originally by Covered by
Ce merveilleux garçon Maurice Pon You Lost the Sweetest Boy Audrey
C'est fou, la vein' que j'ai Pierre Dorsey, Maurice Pon I Love the Little Things Jean-Pierre Fall
Du chagrin pour toujours Pierre Dorsey, Maurice Pon Yesterday's Kisses Jean-Pierre Fall
En rêve Maurice Pon, Mike Bernard In Dreams Tiny Yong
Finis de rêver Pierre Dorsey, Maurice Pon Wake Up Silly Boy Jean-Pierre Fall
Huit jours par semaine Maurice Pon Eight Days a Week Tiny Yong
Je reviens pour toi Maurice Pon I'm Coming Back to You Tiny Yong
La mer, la plage Maurice Pon The More I See You Jacqueline Boyer
Le tigre Maurice Pon Paper Tiger Tiny Yong
Ma poupée Henri Salvador, Maurice Pon Charms Tiny Yong
Quelle peste! Maurice Pon Poison Ivy Barış Manço
Tais-toi petite folle Maurice Pon Foolish Little Girl Tiny Yong Covered by Helena Lemkovitch
Toi mon cœur tu sais Maurice Pon Heel de wereld Corry Brokken
Ton tour viendra Maurice Pon The John B. Sails Jacqueline Boyer