Mary Martin

Mary Martin
Mary Martin and Boys Chorus
Mary Martin, Children
Mary Martin and Chorus
Mary Martin and Female Chorus
Mary Martin and Girls
M. Martin, Children
Real name
Mary Virginia Martin
December 1, 1913
November 3, 1990
United States
Actress and singer. Martin is a Broadway legend.


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Covers by Mary Martin

Title Performer Release date Originally by
1949 Hal Kemp and His Orchestra - Vocal Refrain by Skinny Ennis
1957 Ethel Merman & Ray Middleton
March 1952 Jane Froman - Orchestra under direction of Al Goodman
1959 Bing Crosby
1949 Ginger Rogers & Willie Howard
1959 Johnny Green and His Orchestra
Dancing in the Dark Mary Martin 1950 Unverified
1957 Ethel Merman & Art Barnett
1941 Irene Bordoni
1959 Mary Martin
1959 Theodore Bikel and Mary Martin
1959 Harry Richman
1959 Doris Day - Orch. under the Direction of Frank Comstock
1958 Gertrude Lawrence
1949 Doris Carson
1958 Roy Atwell, Pinto Colvig, Billy Gilbert, Otis Harlan & Scotty Mattraw
1958 Gene Kelly & Leila Ernst
1940 William Gaxton & Ethel Merman
1957 Ethel Merman
1957 Ethel Merman & Ensemble
July 1944 Louis Prima and His Orchestra
1957 Ethel Merman
1959 Little Jack Little and His Orchestra
1958 Bill Thompson
1958 Adriana Caselotti and Harry Stockwell
1949 Evelyn Laye
1959 Maurice Chevalier, Rolfe Sedan, Bert Roach, Jeanette MacDonald
1958 Dick Haymes with Victor Young and His Orchestra
1958 Shirley Ross
1959 Ethel Merman & Bob Hope
1954 Mary Martin and Boys Chorus
1940 Ethel Merman
1941 Mary Martin with Oscar Levant on piano
1958 (unknown), Burl Ives
1940 Irene Bordoni and Arthur Margetson
Jimmy Dorsey and His Orchestra
1939 John Yorke Atlee
October 1951 Ezio Pinza
1959 Kenny Baker [US1]
1957 Ethel Merman and "Moonshine Lullaby" Trio
1939 Sophie Tucker
1946 Mary Martin and Yul Brynner
1966 Mary Martin, Robert Preston
1958 Mitzi Green
1949 Mitzi Green
1940 Mary Martin
1939 Mary Martin
1954 Mary Martin
1958 Adriana Caselotti and Harry Stockwell
Bing Crosby with John Scott Trotter and His Orchestra
1959 Mary Martin, Theodore Bikel
1959 Mary Martin
Swing and Sway with Sammy Kaye
1959 Lauri Peters and Brian Davies
1959 Mary Martin, Theodore Bikel
1958 Adriana Caselotti
1958 Frank Sinatra
1943 Kurt Weill
1959 Adele Astaire & Allen Kearns
1959 Mary Martin
1958 Jo Stafford and Gordon MacRae
1959 Chick Bullock & His Orchestra
1958 Doris Carson, Ray Bolger
1957 William O'Neal, Marty May, Ray Middleton and Ethel Merman
1959 Tullio Carminati
1959 Mary Martin
1959 Hal Kemp and His Orchestra
1959 Al Bowlly
1957 Ethel Merman & Ray Middleton
1958 Vivienne Segal
1959 Glen Gray and The Casa Loma Orchestra - Vocal Chorus by Kenny Sargent
1942 Byron G. Harlan
1959 Ronald Graham
1940 Elsie Carlisle
1958 Cliff Edwards with Victor Young and His Orchestra and The Ken Darby Singers
1959 Ray Heatherton & Mitzi Green
1958 Adriana Caselotti
1940 Margaret Adams
1958 Adriana Caselotti
1957 Ethel Merman
1958 Frances Langford, Libby Bennett, Ann Miller & Trudy Erwin
1959 Glenn Miller and His Orchestra - Vocal refrain by Ray Eberle and The Modernaires