Bonnie Guitar

Bonnie Guitar
Bonnie Tutmarc
Real name
Bonnie Buckingham
March 25, 1923
January 13, 2019
United States
Country music vocalist, co-founder of Dolton Records.
Member of
The Echoes [US1]


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Title Performer Release date Covered by
March 1957 (25 artists)
December 1965 (7 artists)
November 1968 (3 artists)
October 1958 (2 artists)

Covers by Bonnie Guitar

Title Performer Release date Originally by
1958 (unknown)
November 1966 Doye O'Dell
1957 Billy Murray and Haydn Qartet with Orchestra
1957 Gene Austin
March 1966 Kenny Brown and Marilyn Kaye and The Arkansas Ramblers
November 1966 (unknown), (unknown)
April 1967 Marty Robbins
August 1969 Fisk University Jubilee Singers
July 1968 Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys
July 1968 John Hartford
August 1969 Georgie Shaw
August 1969 Ivory Joe Hunter
1952 Eddy Arnold, The Tennessee Plowboy and His Guitar
March 1966 Sonny James
1969 Faye Tucker
December 1958 Mrs. Wm. Asher - Homer Rodeheaver
August 1969 Eddy Arnold, The Tennessee Plowboy and His Guitar
November 1957 Ray Whitley's Range Ramblers
November 1966 (unknown), (unknown)
November 1968 Johnny Tillotson
1957 Claire Carleton
April 1967 Steve Gibson and The Original Red Caps featuring Damita Jo
December 1958 (unknown)
August 1969 Eddy Arnold and His Guitar
July 1968 Les Baxter with His Chorus and Orchestra
April 1967 Ray Price
November 1957 Jimmy Work
1957 Mark Andrews [US1], Henry Halstead and His Orchestra
1957 Dorothy Lamour
August 1969 Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys
August 1969 Roy Acuff and His Smoky Mountain Boys
November 1966 Emily Laurey, (unknown)
March 1966 Connie Smith
July 21, 1958 Buck Ritchey
December 1958 Flying Clouds of Detroit
1957 Jimmie Rodgers [US1]
1957 Ted Fio Rito and His Orchestra
1957 Harry Macdonough & Miss Walton
November 1966 Joseph Mohr, Franz Gruber, (unknown)
November 1966 Bob Hope & Marilyn Maxwell
August 1969 Webb Pierce
1970 Ray Stevens
March 1966 Adam Wade
1966 Mickey Katz and His Orchestra, Ella Mae Morse with Orchestra Conducted by Nelson Riddle
November 1968 Roy Fox and His Orchestra, Annette et Carmen Richer
1957 Ukulele Ike
December 1958 Mrs. William Asher - Homer Rodeheaver
1957 Tex Ritter and His Texans
November 1966 Bing Crosby & Martha Mears



Title Performer Release date Label
Affair! Bonnie Guitar 1969 Dot Records
Allegheny Bonnie Guitar 1970 Paramount [1]
Award Winner - Academy of Country and Western Music Bonnie Guitar April 1967 Dot Records
Bonnie Guitar Sings Bonnie Guitar 1966 Hamilton
I Believe in Love Bonnie Guitar July 1968 Dot Records
Leaves Are the Tears of Autumn Bonnie Guitar November 1968 Dot Records
Merry Christmas from Bonnie Guitar Bonnie Guitar November 1966 Dot Records
Moonlight and Shadows Bonnie Guitar 1957 Dot Records
Night Train to Memphis Bonnie Guitar August 1969 RCA Camden
Two Worlds Bonnie Guitar March 1966 Dot Records
Whispering Hope Bonnie Guitar December 1958 Dot Records


Title Performer Release date Label
A Very Precious Love Bonnie Guitar, Orchestra Conducted by Milton Rogers 1958 Dot Records
Dark Moon Bonnie Guitar March 1957 Fabor
I'm Living in Two Worlds Bonnie Guitar December 1965 Dot Records
I Saw Your Face in the Moon Bonnie Guitar November 1957 Dot Records
Robin in the Pine Bonnie Tutmarc 1952 Morrison
Shanty Boat Bonnie Guitar July 21, 1958 Radio
Whispering Hope Bonnie Guitar October 1958 Dot Records