The Coasters

The Coasters
United States
Rhythm and blues and early rock and roll vocal group
Billy Guy
Cornel Gunter
Bobby Nunn [US1]
The Robins


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Title Performer Release date Covered by
March 1957 (30 artists)
April 30, 1958 (46 artists)
October 26, 1964 The Balls [FI]
July 24, 1957 (3 artists)
November 1959 The Undertakers
January 1961 (2 artists)
January 1959 (15 artists)
August 1958 (5 artists)
September 1962 (5 artists)
April 1959 (8 artists)
February 1964 Bintangs
March 1957 (42 artists)
Sampled by Buchanan and Ancell
August 1959 (57 artists)
July 1956 (2 artists)
April 1961 (25 artists)
May 1965 (32 artists)
April 1961 (4 artists)
August 1959 (36 artists)
July 24, 1957 (7 artists)
July 1961 (18 artists)
July 1968 (6 artists)
February 1956 (17 artists)
January 1959 (45 artists)
May 1964 (2 artists)
October 1961 (3 artists)
April 1959 (20 artists)
Sampled by Buchanan & Goodman
October 1961 (11 artists)

Covers by The Coasters

Title Performer Release date Originally by
April 30, 1958 Hal LeRoy & Eunice Healy
1960 Dick Jurgens and His Orchestra
2001 The Coasters
1960 Ted Fiorito & His Orchestra
1960 Fred Astaire
September 1960 Pat Shannon with Chorus and Orchestra directed by Jack Pleis
1973 Dobie Gray
March 1962 Isley Brothers with Ray Ellis and Orchestra
February 1964 Loy Clingman
November 1957 Ben Bernie and His Hotel Roosevelt Orchestra
September 1960 Boogaloo and His Gallant Crew
Covered by (9 artists)
March 1966 Charlie Rich
1960 Duke Ellington and His Famous Orchestra, (unknown)
1960 Harry Richman
1973 The Cookies, The Drifters [US]
1962 Florida Normal Industrial Institute Quartet, Little Walter and His Jukes
1973 Sir Mack Rice
1960 Billy Butterfield and His Orchestra - Vocal by Margaret Whiting
1960 Valaida & Dee Lloyd McKaye
May 1965 Clyde McPhatter & The Drifters
1973 Charlie Rich
May 1964 The Clovers
November 1971 The Clovers
1960 McKinney's Cotton Pickers - Vocal Refrain by Donald Redman
Framed The Coasters 1957 Unverified
1960 Teddy Wilson and His Orchestra - Vocal Chorus Billie Holiday
April 1967 Alvin Robinson
Sampled by Pete Rock & CL Smooth featuring Grand Puba
1973 The Dixiebelles with Cornbread and Jerry
1960 Duke Ellington and His Famous Orchestra, Glen Gray and The Casa Loma Orchestra with Kenny Sargent
1972 The Capitols
1960 Bing Crosby
July 1956 Araci Cortes, Jimmy Dorsey and His Orchestra
March 1960 Emilio Tuero, Jimmy Dorsey and His Orchestra
1960 Yves Montand, Jo Stafford with Orchestra conducted by Harold Mooney

Sampled songs

Title Performer Release date Info
April 1967 Sampled by Big Daddy Kane
March 1957 Covered by (42 artists)
Sampled by Buchanan and Ancell
April 1967 Originally by Alvin Robinson
Sampled by Pete Rock & CL Smooth featuring Grand Puba
April 1959 Covered by (20 artists)
Sampled by Buchanan & Goodman




Title Performer Release date Label
Yakety Yak The Coasters April 30, 1958 Atco Records
Wild One The Coasters October 26, 1964 Atco Records
Wait a Minute The Coasters January 1961 Atco Records
The Shadow Knows The Coasters August 1958 Atco Records
The Climb The Coasters September 1962 Atco Records
Teach Me How to Shimmy The Coasters March 1962 Atco Records
T'ain't Nothin' to Me The Coasters February 1964 Atco Records
Sweet Georgia Brown The Coasters November 1957 Atco Records
Soul Pad The Coasters April 1967 Date
Shoppin' for Clothes The Coasters September 1960 Atco Records
She's a Yum Yum The Coasters March 1966 Atco Records
Searchin' The Coasters March 1957 Atco Records
Run Red Run The Coasters November 1959 Atco Records
Poison Ivy The Coasters August 1959 Atco Records
One Kiss Led to Another The Coasters July 1956 Atco Records
Money Honey The Coasters May 1965 Atco Records
Love Potion Number Nine The Coasters November 1971 King
Little Egypt (Ying-Yang) The Coasters April 1961 Atco Records
Idol with the Golden Head The Coasters July 24, 1957 Atco Records
Girls! Girls! Girls! The Coasters July 1961 Atco Records
D.W. Washburn The Coasters July 1968 Date
Down in Mexico The Coasters February 1956 Atco Records
Cool Jerk The Coasters 1972 King
Charlie Brown The Coasters January 1959 Atco Records
Besame Mucho The Coasters March 1960 Atco Records
Bad Detective The Coasters May 1964 Atco Records
Bad Blood The Coasters October 1961 Atco Records
Along Came Jones The Coasters April 1959 Atco Records

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