American Quartet

American Quartet
American Quartet with Orchestra
Premier Quartet
United States
American Quartet was the name given to several recording vocal quartets during the early years of the record industry. The name was used as early as 1899 for a group that included tenors John Bieling and Jere Mahoney, baritone S. H. Dudley, and bass William F. Hooley. The best-known American Quartet made its first appearance in 1909 for Victor Records and served as an in-house group. The quartet included Bieling and Hooley, along with tenor Billy Murray and baritone Steve Porter. Bieling left the group in 1913 because of throat troubles and was replaced briefly by Robert D. Armour. Armour was succeeded shortly thereafter by John Young. It proved to be a winning combination for Victor and for the Edison company where it was known as the Premier Quartet.
Harry Anthony
William Hooley
John Bieling


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