United Kingdom
Fast Eddie Clarke Guitar (1976-1982)
Mikkey Dee Drums (1992-...)
Pete Gill Drums (1983-1986)
Brian Robertson Guitar (1982-1983)
Phil Taylor Drums (1975-1984, 1987-1992)
Phil Campbell [GB1] Guitar (1983-...)
Würzel Guitar (1983-1995)
Larry Wallis Guitar (1975)


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Title Performer Release date Label
1916 Motörhead February 2, 1991 WTG Records
Ace of Spades Motörhead November 8, 1980 Bronze [GB]
Another Perfect Day Motörhead 1983 Bronze [GB]
Bad Magic Motörhead August 28, 2015 UDR Music
Bastards Motörhead 1993 ZYX Music
Bastards [2001 Reissue] Motörhead 2001 Steamhammer
Bomber Motörhead October 27, 1979 Bronze [GB]
Hammered Motörhead 2002 Steamhammer
Inferno Motörhead June 22, 2004 Steamhammer
Iron Fist Motörhead April 17, 1982 Bronze [GB]
Kiss of Death [Limited Edition] Motörhead August 2006 Steamhammer
March ör Die Motörhead 1992 WTG Records
Meltdown Motörhead 1991 Essential Records
Motörhead Motörhead September 24, 1977 Chiswick
Motörizer Motörhead August 26, 2008 Steamhammer
No Remorse Motörhead September 15, 1984 Bronze [GB]
Orgasmatron Motörhead 1986 GWR
Overkill Motörhead March 24, 1979 Bronze [GB]
Overnight Sensation Motörhead 1996 Steamhammer
Rock 'n' Roll Motörhead September 5, 1987 GWR
Sacrifice Motörhead 1995 Steamhammer
Snake Bite Love Motörhead 1998 Steamhammer
Stone Deaf Forever! Motörhead October 2003 Castle Music
The Best of Motörhead - All the Aces Motörhead 1993 Castle Communications
The Wörld Is Yours Motörhead December 14, 2010 UDR Music
Under Cöver Motörhead September 1, 2017 Silver Lining Music
We Are Motörhead Motörhead May 16, 2000 Steamhammer



Performances also appear on


Title Performer Release date Label
Aces öf Grind - Grindcore Tribute to Motörhead various artists March 3, 2017 The Hills Are Dead Records
A German Underground - Tribute to Motörhead various artists 2006 Master Rock Records
All the Aces - Greek Motörbastards - A Tribute to Motörhead various artists April 2016 Metal Hammer & Heavy Metal
A Tribute to Lemmy Kilmister various artists December 20, 2016 Ghost Highway Recordings
A Tribute to Motorhead various artists 2003 Randale Records
A Tribute to Motörhead various artists February 8, 2017 Straight Up Records
Born to Raise Hell - A Rockabilly & Psychobilly Tribute to Motörhead in Memory of Lemmy Kilmister various artists November 15, 2016 Nasty Music
Built for Speed - A Motörhead Tribute various artists March 1999 Victory Records [US]
Damaged Cases: A Tribute to Motörhead various artists January 18, 2019 Upstate Records
Dead Forever - A Tribute to Motörhead various artists March 9, 1999 Dwell Records
International Motörhead Tribute - All Göne to Hell various artists September 2, 2013 L.A. Riot Survivor Records
Lullaby Versions of Motörhead Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star May 18, 2015 Roma Music Group
Motörhead Tribute India various artists 2014 Iron Fist Records
MotörHEMI - A Tribute to Motörhead Hemi August 2, 2016 Leash Records
Motörmorphosis - A Tribute to Motörhead - Part 1 various artists 2001 Remedy Records
Motörmorphösis - A Tribute to Motörhead - Part 2 various artists 2003 Remedy Records
Overkill (On the False Behalf of Motörhead) Caballero Reynaldo 2015 Hall of Fame
Panosvyö Viikate May 2, 2014 Ranka Recordings
Pink Honey Records Congratulates Motörhead - Headin' for the North various artists 1995 Rosa Honung Records
Strength to Endure - A Tribute to Ramones and Motörhead Riotgun/Bullet Treatment February 25, 2003 Basement Records
Tribute to Lemmy various artists April 12, 2019 Metal Bastard Enterprises
Tribute to Motörhead - One Song for the R.A.M.O.N.E.S. various artists 2009 442ème RUE