Years active
since 1992
United States
Parody band with christian lyrics from Pittsburgh, PA
J. John Jackson Vocals and lyrics
Keith Haynie Bass (1995-...)


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Title Performer Release date Label
20:20 Vision ApologetiX October 2012 Parodudes
Adam Up ApologetiX December 2003 Parodudes
Apol-acoustiX ApologetiX June 1, 2005 Parodudes
ApologetiX Classics - Christmas ApologetiX October 23, 2013 Parodudes
ApologetiX Classics - Party ApologetiX December 8, 2010 Parodudes
Apologetix Classics - The 2000's ApologetiX December 8, 2010 Parodudes
Apoplectic ApologetiX 2014 Parodudes
Biblical Graffiti ApologetiX 1999 Parodudes
Chosen Ones ApologetiX October 2007 Parodudes
Doves in Snakes' Clothing ApologetiX April 2016 Parodudes
Easter Standard Time ApologetiX April 2015 Parodudes
From Hair to Eternity ApologetiX October 7, 2017 Parodudes
Future Tense ApologetiX July 2008 Parodudes
Grace Period ApologetiX August 2002 Parodudes
Handheld Messiah ApologetiX November 2013 Parodudes
Hits: The Road ApologetiX 2005 Parodudes
Hot Potato Soup ApologetiX March 2013 Parodudes
I Know You Are but What Am I? ApologetiX March 11, 2018 Parodudes
Isn't Wasn't Ain't ApologetiX 1993 Parodudes
Jesus Christ Morningstar ApologetiX December 1998 Parodudes
Keep the Change ApologetiX October 9, 2001 Parodudes
Loaded 45s ApologetiX September 17, 2014 Parodudes
Minor League ApologetiX June 2016 Parodudes
Music Is as Music Does ApologetiX May 2015 Parodudes
New and Used Hits ApologetiX 2004 Parodudes
Nichey ApologetiX August 2018 Parodudes
Only a Glorified Cover Band ApologetiX November 2016 Parodudes
Play Nice ApologetiX September 3, 2015 Parodudes
Quilt ApologetiX September 2016 Parodudes
Radical History Tour ApologetiX 1999 Parodudes
Rare Not Well Done, Volume 1 ApologetiX 2007 Parodudes
Recovery ApologetiX October 2009 Parodudes
Singles Group ApologetiX June 2014 Parodudes
Soundproof ApologetiX October 2010 Parodudes
Spoofernatural ApologetiX November 20, 2000 Parodudes
That's Too Bad ApologetiX November 17, 2018 Parodudes
The Boys Aren't Backin' Down ApologetiX December 2009 Parodudes
Ticked ApologetiX December 1997 Parodudes
Unconditional Releases ApologetiX April 2, 2015 Parodudes
Very Vicarious ApologetiX February 2017 Parodudes
Wise Up and Rock ApologetiX October 2011 Parodudes
Wordplay ApologetiX December 1, 2006 Parodudes
Xit Ego Lopa ApologetiX November 20, 2017 Parodudes
You Can't Say Euphrates Without the 80's ApologetiX January 2016 Parodudes
Zebraic ApologetiX June 11, 2017 Parodudes


Title Performer Release date Label
Have Yourself a Parody Little Christmas ApologetiX December 2001 Parodudes
Moose Tracks ApologetiX May 2014 Parodudes
One in Three ApologetiX August 2014 Parodudes
Orchard Avenue ApologetiX July 2012 Parodudes


Title Performer Release date Label
Brush ApologetiX 2014 Parodudes
Desperate Queen ApologetiX June 2015 Parodudes
Devil Fell / Calling Dr. Luke ApologetiX 2014 Parodudes
Flirtin' With the Pastor ApologetiX April 2014 Parodudes
Fly Like Ezekiel ApologetiX June 2014 Parodudes
Gimme Some Sign ApologetiX April 2014 Parodudes
Goodnews ApologetiX May 2014 Parodudes
He Spoke ApologetiX May 2015 Parodudes
Old Man ApologetiX July 2014 Parodudes
Proving My Religion ApologetiX August 2014 Parodudes
Rollin' in the Yeast ApologetiX March 2014 Parodudes
Such Impressive Loving Smart Close Friends / With Little Help from My Friends ApologetiX 2014 Parodudes
Take Jude ApologetiX August 2014 Parodudes
Talking Inner Peace ApologetiX August 2015 Parodudes
Treading on Poisonous Scorpions ApologetiX July 2015 Parodudes
Tufftumbling ApologetiX June 2015 Parodudes
We Got the Feet ApologetiX June 2015 Parodudes
We're Not Goin' to Canaan ApologetiX June 2014 Parodudes
You're So Plain ApologetiX July 2014 Parodudes