The Misfits
United States
Horror-themed punk band from New Jersey
Glenn Danzig
Jerry Only Bass (1977–1983, 1995-)
Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein Guitar (1980–1983, 1995–2001)
Dr. Chud Drums (1995–2000)
Dez Cadena Guitar (2001-...)


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Performances also appear on


Title Performer Release date Label
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4 Hits from Mars various artists February 15, 1997 Fandango Records
5 Hits from Hell Get Married October 30, 2020 Wiretap Records
8-Bit Versions of Misfits 8-Bit Misfits October 13, 2017 Roma Music Group
A Bluegrass Tribute to the Misfits The Rusty Cleavers 2014 Luna Blue Art Collective
A Tribute to The Misfits Energy February 18, 2014 (self-released)
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Danzig - 17 PRF Tribute Challenge various artists November 30, 2015 PRF
Demonomaniacs - Seven Misfits Songs Reinterpreted by Four Detroit Bands various artists 2014 Dyspepsidisc
Eight Hits from Hell November - 666 Angels 2017 Black Fox Records
Famous Versions of Misfits various artists 1999 Undertaker Records
Five Hits from Hell Brother's Keeper 2001 Ides of March
From Hell They Came... Bible Bands Tribute to the Misfits various artists 1998 BlackLight Records
Gdansk - A Tribute to Danzig by Grand Massive Grand Massive June 29, 2018 Metalville
Graven Images - A Tribute to the Misfits various artists December 31, 1999 Freebird Records
Hate Is Your Mistress Ms. Fits October 31, 2006 Cover Grrl Records
Hell on Earth - A Tribute to the Misfits various artists 2000 Cleopatra
Hell on Earth ...Hail to Misfits various artists 1996 Tribute Records
Here Come the Dead... A Tribute to the Misfits 2 various artists 1999 BlackLight Records
Horror Covers - The Misfits various artists 2003 Black Bird Records
Louisville Babylon various artists 1994 Analog Distillery
Louisville Babylon 1994 various artists October 2007 Double Malt Music
Louisville Babylon 2007 various artists October 12, 2007 Double Malt Music
Lullaby Versions of the Misfits Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star October 1, 2013 Roma Music Group
Misfits Covers VCR 2006 Control-C Control-V
Misfits Meet The Nutley Brass - Fiend Club Lounge Nutley Brass June 28, 2005 Rykodisc
Mutants at Mosa Trajectum Astro Zombies A.D. 2003 GSR Music
Night of the Covers Dead - The Misfits various artists February 12, 2003 Black Bird Records
Portuguese Nightmare - A Tribute to The Misfits various artists October 2005 Ragingplanet
Some Kinda Hits The Crimson Ghosts [US] 2005 Necro-Tone
Spaceghouls Proudly Covers Misfits Spaceghouls October 1993 (self-released)
Stillborn Monster Babies - A Tribute to the Misfits 3 various artists 2002 BlackLight Records
Through Being Ghoul Senses Fail - Saves the Day October 30, 2020 Pure Noise Records
Too Much Horror Business - 1977-1983 - A Tribute to the Misfits various artists 2004 (self-released)
TV Casualty TV Casualty October 31, 2011 Matador
Violent World - A Tribute to The Misfits various artists February 11, 1997 Caroline Records
We Are 821 VCR July 12, 2011 Riot Style
We Are Misfits The Computers [GB] November 23, 2012 One Little Indian
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