The King's Singers

United Kingdom
Six part harmony vocal group, formed in the 1960s by choral scholars at King's College, University of Cambridge
Nigel Short Vocals (1993-2000)


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Covers by The King's Singers

Title Performer Release date Originally by
1978 Simon and Garfunkel
i November 2013 (unknown), Orchestre de chambre Louis de Froment
1975 Neil Young
1974 Neil Young
1986 The Beatles
1975 America
1981 Eric Carmen
  1992 Cliff Richard and Sarah Brightman REC,REL, Sarah Brightman & Steve Barton PRF
February 8, 2019 John Legend
1989 Simon and Garfunkel
March 9, 1993 Don McLean
1980 ABBA, Barry Bostwick, Carole Demas and Company PRF, Sandy & Danny, Pink Ladies, Burger Palace Boys (Carole Demas, Barry Bostwick) REL
June 1993 Richard Temple
1981 John Miles, Mac Davis, The Kiki Dee Band, ABBA
1990 Columbia Orchestra
1986 The Beatles
March 9, 1993 Billy Joel
2010 Sarah McLachlan
August 16, 1991 Ruby Hill with "St. Louis Woman" Choral Group and Orchestra under the direction of Leon Leonardi
2008 Paul Simon
July 20, 1993 (unknown), Madge Breese
October 1977 Michael Flanders and Donald Swann
  1972 Billy Dee Williams PRF, Bobby Scott REC,REL
  September 30, 2013 Ina Ray Hutton and Her Orch. – Vocal Chorus by Stuart Foster REL, Glenn Miller and His Orchestra REC,BRD
October 1977 (unknown)
1981 Barry Manilow
June 1993 Durward Lely
  November 2013 Ricardo Montalbán and Esther Williams PRF, Dinah Shore and Buddy Clark - Orchestra under the direction of Ted Dale REC
1986 The Beatles
1986 The Beatles
1985 Vernon Dalhart
1976 Louis Armstrong & His Orchestra
1981 The Beatles
  September 30, 2013 Xavier Cugat and His Waldorf-Astoria Orchestra - Vocal Refrain by Don Reid REC,REL, June Knight PRF
1981 Neil Sedaka
  September 30, 2013 Benny Goodman and His Orchestra - Vocal Chorus by Helen Forrest REC, Vivienne Segal PRF
September 30, 2013 Roland Gerbeau - Orchestre Pierre Guillermin, (unknown)
1986 The Beatles
2008 John Jacob Niles
  1976 Belle Baker PRF, Imperial Dance Orchestra - Vocal Chorus by Arthur Fields REC
1989 Simon and Garfunkel
  June 1993 E. Griffin, D. Hemingway, D. Oldham and G. Baker - Recorded under the Direction of Rupert D'Oyly Carte REL, Leonora Braham, Jessie Bond, Durward Lely & Frederick Bovill PRF
1990 (unknown)
1985 Eleanor Jones
  August 16, 1991 Eddie Quillan and Arline Judge REC,BRD, Ginger Rogers and Willie Howard PRF
2010 Mika
1980 The Beatles
March 9, 1993 Simon and Garfunkel
1992 Art & Dotty Todd
  September 30, 2013 Fred Astaire with Leo Reisman and His Orchestra REC, Fred Astaire BRD
1986 (unknown), (unknown)
1980 Featherbed featuring Barry Manilow, Barry Manilow
i 1985 King Oliver's Jazz Band, Duke Ellington and His Orchestra
September 30, 2013 Julie London
  1985 Comedian Harmonists REL, Choir of Sailors in "Bomben auf Monte Carlo" BRD
May 1974 Wayne Fontana
2008 Maud Powell accompanied by George Falkenstein
1992 (unknown)
1981 Hoyt Axton
1990 (unknown)
1975 James Darren
1990 (unknown)
1990 (unknown)
1975 Teach-In, Lori Lieberman
1978 The Beach Boys
  1976 Duke Ellington and His Famous Orchestra, Glen Gray and The Casa Loma Orchestra - Vocal Chorus by Kenny Sargent REC, Ink Spots REL
1978 Elton John
February 8, 2019 Frances
2004 Price Family Sacred Singers
  1992 Tommy Dorsey and His Orchestra - Vocal Refrain by Edythe Wright REC,REL, Jack Whiting, June Clyde and Vivian Vance PRF
1980 Harry Simeone Chorale
1985 Sam Lanin's Dance Orchestra, Comedian Harmonists
1985 (unknown)
1986 The Beatles
1974 The Beatles
July 20, 1993 (unknown), (unknown)
November 2013 (unknown)
October 28, 1997 The Korgis
November 25, 1996 Bryan Adams
1978 Bread
  September 30, 2013 Nan Wynn PRF, Benny Goodman Quintet - Vocal Chorus by Peggy Mann REC
March 9, 1993 Phil Collins
March 9, 1993 Paul Simon
1974 James Taylor
1975 Albert Hammond
October 28, 1997 Sting
March 9, 1993 Ray Stevens
  August 16, 1991 Ted Wallace & His Campus Boys REC, Ruth Etting PRF
1986 The Beatles
May 1974 Neal Hefti and His Orchestra
1985 (unknown)
1975 Sedaka
1978 The Beach Boys
1980 Meister Glee Singers
Going Nowhere The King's Singers 1978 Unverified
October 28, 1997 The Stranglers
July 20, 1993 (unknown)
1981 Elton John
March 9, 1993 The Beach Boys
1986 The Beatles
July 20, 1993 (unknown)
November 25, 1996 (unknown), Dianne and Annita
1994 (unknown), Johnny Ace - Johnny Otis Orchestra, Woody Guthrie, The Greenbriar Boys, John & Yoko and The Plastic Ono Band with The Harlem Community Choir
1980 Judy Garland with Georgie Stoll and His Orchestra
1986 The Beatles
2008 Crosby, Stills & Nash
1980 The Beatles
May 1974 Dolores Gray, B.J. Thomas
1990 Ultraphon-duo - R. A. Dvorský a jeho taneční orchestr, (unknown)
2010 Imogen Heap
2010 Michael Bublé
  1989 Chad and Jeremy REC, Simon & Garfunkel REL
1986 The Beatles
1978 Elton John
i 1985 Mikhail Ippolitov-Ivanov
1976 Ink Spots
1974 Jacques Brel avec François Rauber et son orchestre, Rod McKuen
1989 Chicago
  1992 (unknown), Dick Powell PRF, Larry Clinton and His Orchestra - Vocal Refrain by Bea Wain REC
August 16, 1991 Ethel Merman
  November 25, 1996 Smokey Robinson & The Miracles REC, Gladys Knight & The Pips REL
  1976 Mills Brothers REL, Cab Calloway and The Cabaliers REC
1986 The Beatles
  October 1977 Peggy Wood & George Metaxa REC,REL,PRF
August 16, 1991 Harold Arlen - Piano Accompaniment by Arthur Schutt
1972 Bing Crosby
1975 Colors of Love
2010 Jason Mraz
October 28, 1997 Peter Gabriel
1976 Dick Powell
  August 16, 1991 Lawrence Tibbett REC,REL, John W. Bubbles PRF
November 25, 1996 The Ambassadors [US2]
  2010 Judy Garland REL,BRD
September 30, 2013 Ethel Merman & Bob Hope
1989 Randy Newman
1980 Ronnie Milsap
  September 30, 2013 Aida Ward PRF, Cab Calloway and His Orchestra REC
  September 30, 2013 Virginia Bruce BRD, Frances Langford with Jimmy Dorsey and His Orchestra REC
1986 The Beatles
November 25, 1996 Dolly Parton
  September 30, 2013 Adele Dixon, Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers BRD, Eddy Duchin and His Orchestra - Vocal Refrain by Lew Sherwood REC
1976 The Four King Sisters with Orchestra conducted by Alvino Rey
November 2013 (unknown)
1980 Edison Male Quartette
November 2013 Edison Male Quartette
November 25, 1996 Seal
November 25, 1996 The Beach Boys
1986 The Beatles
1992 (unknown)
2010 Glen Gray and The Casa Loma Orchestra - Vocal Refrain by Walter Hunt, Hoagy Carmichael and His Orchestra
November 2013 Vaughn Monroe and His Orchestra
September 30, 2013 Ben Bernie and His Hotel Roosevelt Orchestra
1985 Comedian Harmonists
1975 David Bowie
1971 (unknown)
November 25, 1996 Wings
July 20, 1993 Flora Donaldson
1985 (unknown), Ernestine Schumann-Heink
October 1977 Noel Coward
1981 Air Supply
  February 8, 2019 Ella Logan - Orchestra under direction of Bill Harty REC, Kenny Baker [US1] BRD
October 28, 1997 Sade
2004 Billy Joel
August 16, 1991 George Shearing Quintet, Ella Fitzgerald - Chorus and Orchestra directed by Sy Oliver
  1975 Georges Guétary PRF,REL
  October 1977 Noel Coward REL, Beatrice Lillie PRF
1980 The De Paur Chorus
  October 1977 Noël Coward with The Piccadilly Theatre Orchestra REC,REL, Graham Payn PRF
1985 Comedian Harmonists
1986 The Beatles
1985 (unknown), (unknown)
October 1977 Michael Flanders and Donald Swann
March 9, 1993 U2
1978 The Mama's and The Papa's
1972 (unknown), Cat Stevens
1986 The Beatles
  1978 Bob Dylan REC, The Brothers Four REL
1990 (unknown)
1972 Barbra Streisand - Arr. & Cond. by Robert Mersey
  September 30, 2013 Fairchild and Carroll and Their Orchestra REL, Mitzi Green PRF
1992 Gloria Grafton & Donald Novis
  August 16, 1991 Glen Gray and The Casa Loma Orchestra - Vocal Chorus by Eugenie Baird REC, Joan Leslie with Freddie Slack and his Orchestra BRD
  1985 Leo Reisman and His Orchestra - Vocal Refrain by Fred Astaire REC, Fred Astaire PRF
  October 1977 Noël Coward with The Piccadilly Theatre Orchestra REC,REL, Cyril Ritchard, Tom Linden and Gail Kendal PRF
1992 Bucks Fizz
1975 The Beatles
1985 (unknown), (unknown), Robert Black
  August 16, 1991 Lena Horne with Orchestra conducted by Horace Henderson REC,REL, Fred Astaire BRD
One of Those Songs The King's Singers October 15, 1976 Unverified
  August 16, 1991 Eddie Bracken [dubbed by Bing Crosby] BRD, Jo Stafford with Paul Weston and His Orchestra REC,REL
August 16, 1991 Judy Garland
1985 (unknown)
1986 The Beatles
i 1990 (unknown)
1990 (unknown)
1996 (unknown)
1992 (unknown), Monsieur Fernand
October 28, 1997 The Beach Boys
1972 Gordon Lightfoot
1992 Wiener Philharmoniker unter Hans Richter, Arturo Motta et ses Chicaboums REL, Georges Auric BRD, Dalida accompagnée par Raymond Lefèvre et son orchestre
2010 Harry Connick, Jr.
Ring de Banjo The King's Singers 1979 Unverified
  October 1977 Michael Flanders and Donald Swann PRF, Michael Flanders and Donald Swann with Pat Lancaster, Charlotte Mitchell, Julian Orchard and Anne Rogers REL
July 20, 1993 (unknown), (unknown), (unknown)
1981 ABBA, Brotherhood of Man, Lena Andersson
1971 (unknown), Gordon Heath and Lee Payant, Simon and Garfunkel
1989 Art Garfunkel
March 9, 1993 Queen
  1974 Jacques Brel avec François Rauber et son orchestre, Rod McKuen REC, The Kingston Trio REL
1985 (unknown)
November 2013 (unknown)
1971 John Goss and the Cathedral Male Voice Quartet
2008 Billy Joel
1972 The Beatles
1981 Randy Newman
September 26, 2006 Joseph Mohr, Franz Gruber
1989 Tommy Boyce
July 20, 1993 Tom Bryce
March 9, 1993 Paul Simon
  1981 Larry Kert REC,REL,PRF
1981 Mike McClellan
  1978 David Bowie REC,REL
October 28, 1997 Paul Simon
1995 (unknown)
1985 (unknown), (unknown)
2008 (unknown)
1980 Joseph Mohr, Franz Gruber, Haydn Quartet
  1985 Ethel Waters with Duke Ellington & His Orchestra PRF, Leo Reisman and His Orchestra - Vocal Refrain by Harold Arlen REC
2010 The King Cole Trio
1978 The Beatles
  1971 Abbie Mitchell REC,PRF, Helen Jepson REL
May 1974 Blossom Dearie
  August 16, 1991 Andrew Tombes, Lovey Lee, Gertrude McDonald, Amy Revere and Chorus PRF, Paul Whiteman and His Orchestra REC,REL
May 1974 The Mike Curb Congregation
2008 Standard Quartette
1974 Carole King
  1985 Helen Clark - Lewis James REC, Phyllis Cleveland and Jack Barker PRF
1986 Edison Symphony Orchestra, The B.B.C. Dance Orchestra directed by Henry Hall
March 9, 1993 Randy Newman
March 9, 1993 James Taylor
May 1974 (unknown), (unknown), (unknown)
September 30, 2013 Jesse Belvin with Marty Paich and His Orchestra
March 9, 1993 Simon & Garfunkel
  1980 Nat "King" Cole [Trio] REC, The King Cole Trio with String Choir REL
November 25, 1996 Carmen Twillie
1985 Paul Whiteman and His Orchestra, Allan Jones & Jeanette MacDonald
May 1974 The Beatles
1986 (unknown), Paul McCartney and The Frog Chorus
  1980 Bobby Bare REC, Charlie Tango REL
2008 (unknown)
1971 (unknown performer)
1986 (unknown), Elton Hayes and His Guitar
  September 30, 2013 Teddy Lynch with Fairchild and Carroll and Their Orchestra REC, Mitzi Green PRF
1980 The Trapp Family Singers
November 2013 The Trapp Family Singers
October 28, 1997 (unknown), Sarah Vaughan - Ted Dale & Orchestra
1981 Thelma Houston
1971 Rita Montaner, (unknown)
October 1977 Noel Coward
November 25, 1996 Bette Midler
October 1977 Michael Flanders and Donald Swann
October 1977 Michael Flanders and Donald Swann
1989 Simon and Garfunkel
  October 1977 Kenneth Carten, Ross Landon, John Gatrell and Hugh French PRF, Noël Coward REC,REL
1980 Michel Legrand, Barbra Streisand
  June 1993 Elsie Griffin - Recorded under the Direction of Rupert D'Oyly Carte REL, Leonora Braham PRF
1974 Edith Piaf & Les compagnons de la chanson, The Melody Maids
November 25, 1996 Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes
1980 Bing Crosby and The Andrews Sisters with Vic Schoen and His Orchestra
2008 (unknown), (unknown)
November 2013 The Cambridge Singers
1972 Noel Harrison
October 1977 Michael Flanders and Donald Swann
1978 The Beatles
1986 (unknown)
1980 Commodores
June 1993 George Grossmith
1975 Punch
February 8, 2019 (unknown)
2008 Sting
1985 Comedian Harmonists
October 28, 1997 Ultravox
1989 Don McLean
1986 The Scholars, Peter Auty
October 28, 1997 Crowded House
1974 Noel Paul Stookey
1985 Comedian Harmonists
1980 (unknown)
November 2013 (unknown), (unknown)
July 20, 1993 John Goss and the Cathedral Male Voice Quartet
September 30, 2013 Victor Young, Jeri Southern with Victor Young and His Orchestra
2008 Sarah McLachlan
August 16, 1991 Jimmy Dorsey and His Orchestra
  1976 Peggy Lee REC, Helen Merrill REL
  1974 Judy Collins REL, The Strawbs featuring Sandy Denny REC
1989 Glen Campbell - Conducted by Al De Lory
1990 (unknown)
Covered by (2 artists)
November 25, 1996 Roger Whittaker
i November 2013 (unknown)
1971 Jack Jones
1985 Charles King and Bessie Love BRD, Johnny Marvin REL, Charles King REC, Comedian Harmonists
1986 The Beatles
2008 Airwaves
2008 Kate Taylor
1981 Anne Murray
1976 The Ink Spots
1986 The Beatles



Title Performer Release date Label
America The King's Singers 1989 Angel
An der schönen blauen Donau - On the Beautiful Blue Danube The King's Singers 1990 Angel
Annie Laurie - Folksongs of the British Isles The King's Singers July 20, 1993 EMI Classics
A Tribute to the Comedian Harmonists The King's Singers 1985 EMI Digital
Believe in Music The King's Singers 1981 Columbia [EMI]
By Appointment The King's Singers 1971 Enterprise [GB]
Captain Noah and His Floating Zoo The King's Singers 1972 Argo [GB]
Chanson d'amour The King's Singers 1992 RCA Victor
Christmastime Is Here Erich Kunzel - Cincinnati Pops Orchestra with Ann Hampton Callaway - Tony DeSare - King's Singers - John Pizzarelli - Tierny Sutton September 26, 2006 Telarc
Christmas with The King's Singers The King's Singers 1980 Music for Pleasure
Circle of Life The King's Singers November 25, 1996 RCA Victor
Get Happy! George Shearing and The King's Singers August 16, 1991 EMI Classics
Good Vibrations The King's Singers March 9, 1993 RCA Victor
Great American Songbook The King's Singers September 30, 2013 Signum Classics
Here's a Howdy Do! The King's Singers June 1993 RCA Victor
Keep On Changing The King's Singers 1975 EMI
"Kid's Stuff" The King's Singers, Judi Dench 1986 EMI Records Ltd.
Let It Snow! Albrecht Mayer - The King's Singers November 2013 Deutsche Grammophon
Lollipops The King's Singers 1975 EMI
Love Is the Answer The King's Singers 1981 Encore ! [GB]
Love Songs The King's Singers February 8, 2019 Signum Classics
Nana's Book of Songs Nana Mouskouri with The King's Singers 1974 Philips
New Day The King's Singers 1980 Columbia [EMI]
Nightsong The King's Singers 1995 RCA Red Seal
Out of the Blue The King's Singers May 1974 EMI
Sermons and Devotions The King's Singers 1996 RCA Red Seal
Simple Gifts The King's Singers 2008 Signum Classics
Six The King's Singers 2004 Signum Classics
Spirit Voices The King's Singers October 28, 1997 RCA Victor
Swimming over London The King's Singers 2010 Signum Classics
Swing The King's Singers 1976 EMI
Tempus fugit The King's Singers 1978 EMI
The Beatles Connection The King's Singers 1986 Angel
The King's Singers The King's Singers 1972 Columbia [EMI]
The King's Singers Sing Flanders & Swann and Noël Coward The King's Singers October 1977 EMI
Watching the White Wheat - Folk Songs of the British Isles The King's Singers 1985 His Master's Voice

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