Jiro Inagaki

Jiro Inagaki Grand Spaceship Orch.
Jiro Inagaki & His All Stars
Jiro Inagaki & His Rhythm Machine
Jiro Inagaki & Just Friends
Jiro Inagaki & Soul Media
Real name
Jiro Inagaki
October 3, 1933
Saxophonist / flautist
Member of


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Covers by Jiro Inagaki

Title Performer Release date Originally by
i 1971 Chicago
i September 30, 1972 America
i 1972 Cilla Black
i 1970 Cilla Black
i May 2004 Herb Jeffries with Buddy Baker and His Orchestra
i   May 2004 Frances Williams PRF, Rudy Vallée and His Connecticut Yankees REC
i   1972 Billy Dee Williams PRF, Bobby Scott REC,REL
  1963 Benny Goodman and His Orchestra – Vocal Chorus by Helen Forrest REC, Vivienne Segal PRF
i 1971 Fleetwood Mac
i September 30, 1972 Simon and Garfunkel
i 1971 Simon and Garfunkel
i September 30, 1972 Johnny Rivers
i 1972 Johnny Rivers
i September 30, 1972 Richard Chamberlain - Cond. by Burt Bacharach
i 1972 Richard Chamberlain - Cond. by Burt Bacharach
i 1981 Count Basie & His Orchestra
i September 30, 1972 Aretha Franklin
i 1970 Dionne Warwick
i January 1975 Kool & The Gang
i September 30, 1972 Hoagy Carmichael and His Orchestra
i   September 30, 1972 Steve Lawrence - Arr. & Cond. by Marion Evans REL, Bobby Vee with The Johnny Mann Singers REC
i 1972 Little Anthony and The Imperials
i   1981 Marlene Dietrich BRD, Peggy Lee with Dave Barbour and His Orchestra REC, Dinah Shore - Orchestra under the direction of Sonny Burke REL
1963 Billie Holiday
i 1972 Johnny Darrell
i 1971 The Beatles
  1963 Carol Lawrence & Girls REC,REL, Carol Lawrence, Marilyn Cooper, Reri Grist, Carmen Gutierrez, Elizabeth Taylor & The Shark Girls PRF
i   1970 Jerry Orbach and Jill O'Hara PRF,REL
i May 2004 Billy Eckstine - Orchestra conducted by Russ Case
i 1970 Dionne Warwick
1963 Shirley Ross
i 1970 Sly & The Family Stone
i September 30, 1972 Murray Head with The Trinidad Singers
i 1981 Count Basie and His Orchestra
i   1969 Kate Smith REC, Ann Sothern BRD
i   1972 The Beatles REC, Aretha Franklin REL
i 1969 Francis Lai
i 1971 Francis Lai & His Orchestra
i 1970 Eric Burdon and The Animals
  1963 Mary Martin, Patricia Neway PRF,REL, Percy Faith and His Orchestra REC
i   May 2004 Martha Mears BRD, Gordon Jenkins and His Orchestra REC,REL
i   1981 Fairchild and Carroll and Their Orchestra REL, Mitzi Green PRF
i May 2004 King Cole - With Orchestra conducted by Frank DeVol
i 1969 Georgia Brown [GB]
i   1981 Ella Logan - Orchestra under direction of Bill Harty REC, Kenny Baker [US1] BRD
i   1970 Jerry Orbach PRF, Dionne Warwick REL
i 1971 Creedence Clearwater Revival
i 1970 Lou Johnson
i 1969 (unknown), Gordon Heath and Lee Payant, Simon and Garfunkel
i January 1975 Herbie Mann
i September 30, 1972 Carole King
  1963 Adriana Caselotti REL,BRD
i   1969 Gertrude Lawrence REC,REL,PRF
i 1972 The Beatles
i 1971 Blood, Sweat & Tears
i 1970 Howlin' Wolf
i 1970 Eddie Cochran
i September 30, 1972 Carole King
1963 Janet Brace with Orchestra directed by Jack Pleis
i 1972 Percy Faith His Orchestra and Chorus
i 1969 Phil Harris and Bruce Reitherman
i September 30, 1972 Bonnie Dobson
i 1972 The Beatles
i   1969 Dusty Springfield REL, Stan Getz REC
i   1972 Dusty Springfield REL, Stan Getz REC
i September 30, 1972 Isaac Hayes
i 1969 Dionne Warwick
i May 2004 Johnny Mandel
i 1969 Simon and Garfunkel
i 1970 Dionne Warwick
i 1970 Danny Williams [ZA]
i 1969 Lulu
i   1971 The 5th Dimension REL, The Sunshine Company REC
i 1970 Dionne Warwick
i 1970 Dionne Warwick
i 1971 Herbie Hancock
i 1972 Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66
i May 2004 The Pied Pipers with Paul Weston and His Orchestra
i 1970 Jackie deShannon
i 1972 Glen Campbell - Conducted by Al De Lory
i   1970 Joni Mitchell REC, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young REL
i   May 2004 Carol Bruce REC, Ella Fitzgerald REL
1963 William Gaxton & Genevieve Tobin
i 1972 Brenda Holloway
i September 10, 1968 Herbie Hancock
i September 10, 1968 Bar-Kays
i September 10, 1968 The Beatles
i September 10, 1968 Miriam Makeba
i September 10, 1968 The Beatles
i September 10, 1968 John Lee Hooker
i September 10, 1968 "Cannonball" Adderley
i September 10, 1968 The Temptations [US1]
i September 10, 1968 Ashley and Foster