The Hep Stars

The Hep Stars
Hep Stars
Years active
1963 - 1971
Formed in Stockholm as a cover band, they soon, also due to their energetic live shows and in spite of their ugly sleeves, became Swedens most successful mid-1960s act performing in English. From 1966 on, they increasingly recorded self-written songs, later also in Swedish.
Outside the Nordic countries the band is best known as a launching point for the keyboard player and composer Benny Andersson (of ABBA fame).
Benny Andersson Keyboards (1963-1970)
Svenne Hedlund Vocals
Christer Petterson Drums (1963-1971)


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Title Performer Release date Covered by
February 1969 Golden Kids
April 1968 Aaron [FI]
1965 Peter Jezewski & The Chiefs
April 1969 Saskia & Serge
March 1966 (11 artists)
May 1966 (3 artists)

Covers by The Hep Stars

Title Performer Release date Originally by
February 1965 Mike Berry with The Outlaws
July 10, 1965 (unknown)
1965 The Ronettes
February 1965 The Everly Brothers
April 17, 1965 Vince Taylor and His Playboys, The Renegades [GB1]
1968 Frankie Valli
March 1965 Ritchie Valens
October 1966 Elvis Presley with The Jordanaires
March 1965 Don and Dewey and Their Band
1968 Little Anthony and The Imperials
March 1966 The Beach Boys
1968 Brian Hyland
March 1965 Wilson Pickett
June 1964 Southern Tones, Ray Charles and His Band
September 1966 Pete Seeger, Cornelis Vreeswijk, Ann-Louise Hanson & Fred Åkerström
1968 Tommy Roe
December 1966 (unknown)
September 1966 Perry Como, (unknown)
December 1967 Edison Male Quartette
June 1964 The Cousins
December 1966 Pete Seeger
August 1968 Gilbert Bécaud, Jill Corey with Jimmy Carroll
July 10, 1965 Ricky Nelson
1967 Fadhili William and The Black Shadows
April 17, 1965 Nat Kendricks and The Swans
1967 Ian and Sylvia
Covered by (3 artists)
1965 Neil Sedaka
December 1965 The Platters
1968 Miriam Makeba
1965 Carl Mann and The Kool Kats
1968 Brian Hyland
1965 Little Richard and His Band
1968 Sam Cooke
December 1965 Chad & Jeremy
September 1965 The Kinks
July 1969 David Dante
March 1965 Eddie Cochran
December 1965 The Rivingtons, The Trashmen
1965 Chuck Berry
December 1965 Freddy Cannon
1965 Shep Fields and His Rippling Rhythm Orchestra
1965 The Crystals [US]
December 1965 Elvis Presley with The Jordanaires
1968 Cliff Richard and The Shadows
December 1965 Ray Charles
December 1965 Samuel Ash
May 1966 Wiley Walker and Gene Sullivan
December 1967 Bing Crosby & Martha Mears
December 1965 Big Maybelle
1968 The Supremes
1965 Elvis Presley with The Jordanaires



Title Performer Release date Label
Hep Stars on Stage The Hep Stars December 1965 Olga Records
It's Been a Long Long Time Hep Stars 1968 Cupol
Jul med Hep Stars The Hep Stars December 1967 Olga Records
Should I The Hep Stars December 1965 Olga Records
Songs We Sang 68 Hep Stars 1968 Olga Records
The Hep Stars The Hep Stars December 1966 Olga Records
We and Our Cadillac The Hep Stars 1965 Olga Records


Title Performer Release date Label
A Tribute to Buddy Holly The Hep Stars February 1965 Olga Records
Bald Headed Woman The Hep Stars July 10, 1965 Olga Records
Cadillac The Hep Stars April 17, 1965 Olga Records
Consolation The Hep Stars October 1966 Olga Records
Det finns en stad The Hep Stars April 1968 Cupol
Farmer John The Hep Stars March 1965 Olga Records
Holiday for Clowns Hep Stars February 1969 Olga Records
I natt jag drömde The Hep Stars September 1966 Olga Records
Kana Kapila The Hep Stars June 1964 Olga Records
Let It Be Me The Hep Stars August 1968 Olga Records
Malaika The Hep Stars 1967 Olga Records
Mot okänt land The Hep Stars 1967 Olga Records
No Response The Hep Stars August 1965 Olga Records
So Mystifying The Hep Stars September 1965 Olga Records
Speedy Gonzales The Hep Stars July 1969 Olga Records
Speleman The Hep Stars April 1969 Olga Records
Summertime Blues The Hep Stars March 1965 Olga Records
Sunny Girl / Hawaii The Hep Stars March 1966 Olga Records
Wedding The Hep Stars May 1966 Olga Records