The Surfaris [US1]

The Surfaris [US1]
Years active
1962 - 1966
United States
Surf rock band formed in Glendora, California.
The band was revived again in 1982 with Jim Fuller, Jim Pash and Bob Berryhill. The latter left the band in 1983 and Jim Fuller and Jim Pash continued the band with various members such as Paul Johnson and Jay Truax. Bob Berryhill formed a second group named “The Surfaris” with his wife and family.
Paul Johnson [US3] (1990-...)
Ronald Lee "Ron" Wilson Drummer
Jim Fuller Lead guitar
Bob Berryhill
Patrick Connolly Bass (1962-1965)
Ken Forssi Bass (1965-1966)


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Covers by The Surfaris [US1]

Title Performer Release date Originally by
November 1965 Bob Dylan
February 1965 The Dave Clark Five
i August 1964 Bert Weedon
February 1964 The Beach Boys
November 1965 The Beach Boys
i February 1964 The Dave Bailey Quintet
November 1965 Unit Four Plus Two
February 1965 The Beach Boys
August 1965 The Beach Boys
November 1965 Billy Joe Royal
February 1965 The Everly Brothers
April 1966 The Leaves
February 1965 Tommy Tucker [US2]
August 1964 Willie Mae "Big Mama" Thornton
November 1965 The Rolling Stones
October 1963 The Coasters
February 1965 Earl-Jean
November 1965 Bob Dylan
November 1965 The Strangeloves
i October 1963 Link Wray and The Raymen
November 1965 Bob Dylan
February 1964 The Beach Boys
February 1964 Richard Berry and The Pharaohs
February 1965 The Clovers
i August 1964 The Gamblers
i March 1964 The Joy Boys
February 1965 The Hondells
i February 1964 The Marksmen [US2]
November 1965 Johnny Kidd and The Pirates
i August 1964 Duane Eddy, His 'Twangy' Guitar and The Rebels
February 1964 Jimmy Gilmer and The Fireballs
November 1965 The Beau Brummels
November 1965 Ian Whitcomb and Bluesville
November 1965 Ian and Sylvia