Larry Elgart

Larry Elgart
Larry Elgart and His Manhattan Swing Orchestra
Larry Elgart and His Orchestra
March 20, 1922
August 29, 2017
United States
Saxophonist and jazz bandleader.
Les Elgart Brother


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Covers by Larry Elgart

Title Performer Release date Originally by
1965 Enrique Madriguera & His Orchestra
1961 Margaret Simms & Paul Bass
1961 Hiram Sherman, Frances Mercer, Hollace Shaw, Ralph Stuart
1958 Leo Reisman and His Orchestra
1965 Ziggy Elman and His Orch.
1960 John Steel
1970 The Family Dogg
1966 Petula Clark
1965 Glenn Miller and His Orchestra
1966 Billy Dee Williams
1963 (unknown), The Carter Family
1966 Neal Hefti
1969 Vivienne Segal
1957 The Foursome
1963 Bob Dylan
1967 Toots Thielemans
1964 William Gillespie
1965 Araci Cortes
1970 Simon and Garfunkel
1958 Ginger Rogers & Willie Howard
1966 Barry McGuire
1969 Hugo Winterhalter and His Orchestra
1965 Barney Bigard and His Jazzopators
1969 André Claveau avec Jo Boyer et son orchestre
1970 The Beatles
1965 Ruby Hill, Harold Nicholas
1957 Duke Ellington and His Famous Orchestra
1965 Petula Clark
1963 Ian and Sylvia
1969 Don Ho
1961 Tamara
1967 Neal Hefti and His Orchestra
1960 Peggy Lee with Dave Barbour and His Orchestra
1965 María Cervantes
1963 The New Christy Minstrels
1963 (unknown performer)
1963 (unknown)
1965 Ray Noble and His Orchestra featuring Jack Dumont, Alto Sax
1967 Dolores Gray
1970 Dorsey Burnette
1982 Fred Astaire with Leo Reisman and His Orchestra, Ethel Merman & Bob Hope, Fred Astaire with Ray Noble and His Orchestra, (unknown performer), Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, Erik Rhodes and Lillian Miles, Guy Lombardo and His Royal Canadians, Fred Astaire with Johnny Green and His Orchestra, Leo Reisman and His Orchestra, Ginger Rogers, Vincent Lopez and His Orchestra, Jack Barker, Fred Astaire & Ginger Rogers, Irene Dunne, Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, Joe Haymes and His Orchestra
1982 Liza Minnelli, Belle Baker, Fred Astaire with Johnny Green and His Orchestra, Frank Sinatra, Mary Hay and Clifton Webb, Frank Sinatra - Orchestra under the direction of Axel Stordahl, Fred Astaire, Teddy Wilson Quintet, Jimmy Dorsey and His Orchestra - Vocal Chorus by Bob Eberly, The Bar Harbor Society Orchestra, Claude François
1982 Glenn Miller and His Orchestra, Count Basie and His Orchestra, Ramon Armengod con la Orquestra de Jose Moran, Chick Webb's Savoy Orchestra, Bennie Moten's Kansas City Orchestra, Adele Astaire & Eddie Foy Jr., Charlie Barnet and His Orchestra
1982 Ray Noble and His Orchestra, Edgar Hayes and His Orchestra, Sousa's Band, Louis Prima and His New Orleans Gang, Dick Powell & Alice Faye, Chick Webb and His Orchestra, Steve Porter, Tommy Dorsey and His Orchestra, Hal LeRoy & Eunice Healy, Duke Ellington and His Famous Orchestra, Glenn Miller and His Orchestra
1982 Prince's Band, William Gillespie, Ethel Waters, Irving Abrams & His Orchestra, Isham Jones Orchestra, Louis Armstrong & His Orchestra
1958 Gene Kelly & Leila Ernst
1963 The Weavers
1970 Tim Hardin
1967 Ivie Anderson
1965 Lillian Shade
1967 Harold Arlen - Piano accompaniment by Arthur Schutt
1970 Lennon/Ono with the Plastic Ono Band
1958 Mary Hay and Clifton Webb
1961 Frances Langford with Jimmy Dorsey and His Orchestra
1969 Tousan
1967 Red McKenzie & His Orchestra
1957 Sydney Chaplin and Judy Holliday
1970 Elvis Presley
1965 Roger Miller [US1]
1963 (unknown), Leadbelly, The Weavers
1965 Esperanza Gustino et son orchestre
1969 Floyd Cramer
1958 Kaye Ballard
1970 John Denver
1967 (unknown)
1969 Gilbert Bécaud
1965 Steve Porter
1960 Sammy Fain
1967 Marilyn Miller and Leon Errol
1969 Vicky
1965 Isaura Garcia
1966 The Beatles
1967 Rudy Vallée and His Connecticut Yankees
1969 Erroll Garner Trio
1964 The Jungle Band
1961 Mayo Methot
Mountain Greenery Larry Elgart and His Orchestra 1959 Unverified
1981 Brook Benton
1967 Al (He's the King) Hirt
1965 Louis Armstrong and His Hot Five
1964 Mary Martin
1969 Francis Craig and His Orchestra - Vocal by Bob Lamm
1957 The King Cole Trio
1966 The Beatles
1969 (unknown)
1964 Count Basie and His Orchestra
1965 Tommy Dorsey and His Orchestra
1967 Bing Crosby
1969 (unknown)
1957 Duke Ellington and His Famous Orchestra
1970 The Band
1970 B.J. Thomas
1961 Casa Loma Orchestra
1964 Les Brown and His Orchestra - Vocal Chorus by Doris Day
1967 Harry Macdonough & Miss Walton
1966 Cleveland Simmons Group
1967 Henry Mancini
1967 Margaret Schilling and Jerry Goff
1964 Carl Ravell and His Orchestra
1969 Barbara Acklin
1966 Herb Alpert and The Tijuana Brass
1969 Leona Williams and Her Dixie Band
1969 Glen Gray and The Casa Loma Orchestra
1969 Dick Farney, Orchestra conducted by Paul Baron
1970 The Champs
1967 Marian Montgomery
1958 Julie Wilson [US]
1960 Mitzi Green
1967 Riz Ortolani
1969 Danny Williams
1964 Erskine Hawkins & His Orchestra
1963 Cannon's Jug Stompers
1957 Bob Crosby and His Orchestra
1958 Jimmy Dorsey and His Orchestra
1963 Pete Seeger
1965 Harlem Hamfats
1965 Ted Fiorito & His Orchestra
1969 Ruthann Friedman
1964 Al Jolson
1957 Adele Astaire & Eddie Foy Jr.
1961 Glenn Miller and His Orchestra - Vocal refrain by Ray Eberle and The Modernaires