Clifford Grey

Clifford Gray
Real name
Percival Davis
January 5, 1887
September 25, 1941
United Kingdom
00012686593 24 works
Songwriter, librettist and lyricist for composers including Ivor Novello, Jerome Kern, Howard Talbot, Ivan Caryll and George Gershwin. He was also an actor.


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Songs written by Clifford Grey

Original songs

Title Written by Originally by Original date Covered by
All for a Shilling a Day Noel Gay, Clifford Grey Covered by (2 artists)
Another Little Drink Wouldn't Do Us Any Harm Clifford Grey, Nat Ayer The Two Filberts 1916 Covered by (3 artists)
Dream Lover Victor Schertzinger, Clifford Grey Jeanette McDonald Covered by (23 artists)
Got a Date with an Angel Joseph Tunbridge, Jack Waller, Clifford Grey, Sonny Miller Bobby Howes PRF, Debroy Somers Band (With Vocal Chorus by Dan Donovan) REC October 8, 1931 Covered by (29 artists)
Hallelujah Vincent Youmans, Leo Robin, Clifford Grey Stella Mayhew April 25, 1927 Covered by (74 artists)
If You Were the Only Girl (In the World) Clifford Grey, Nat Ayer George Robey and Violet Loraine April 19, 1916 Covered by (112 artists)
Let the Great Big World Keep Turning Clifford Grey, Nat Ayer Covered by (28 artists)
March of the Grenadiers Victor Schertzinger, Clifford Grey Jeanette MacDonald 1930 Covered by (7 artists)
My Love Parade Victor Schertzinger, Clifford Grey Maurice Chevalier and Jeanette MacDonald Covered by (10 artists)
My World Is Gold (Because You Love Me) Richard Tauber, Clifford Grey Richard Tauber Covered by (3 artists)
Nobody Noticed Me Clifford Grey, Bert Lee Covered by (2 artists)
Nobody's Using It Now Victor Schertzinger, Clifford Grey Marion Harris REC,REL, Maurice Chevalier BRD December 1, 1929 Covered by (10 artists)
On the Amazon Clifford Grey, Vivian Ellis, Greatrex Newman Jack Payne and The B.B.C. Dance Orchestra (With Vocal Chorus by Jack Payne) April 1929 Covered by (4 artists)
Paris, Stay the Same Victor Schertzinger, Clifford Grey Maurice Chevalier and Lupino Lane REC,BRD, Maurice Chevalier REL October 1929 Covered by (22 artists)
Sometimes I'm Happy (Sometimes I'm Blue) Vincent Youmans, Irving Caesar, Clifford Grey The Six Hottentots - Vocal Chorus Irving Kaufman March 23, 1927 Covered by (278 artists)
Spread a Little Happiness Clifford Grey, Vivian Ellis, Greatrex Newman Jay Wilbur and His Orchestra 1928 Covered by (17 artists)
The White Dove Clifford Grey, Franz Leh├ír Lawrence Tibbett January 15, 1930 Covered by (8 artists)
What a Duke Should Be Clifford Grey, Ivor Novello Davy Burnaby and Chorus with The Gaiety Theatre Orchestra conducted by Willie Redstone 1916 Covered by Jeremy Northam accompanied by Christopher Northam on piano
When I'm Looking at You Herbert Stothart, Clifford Grey Nat Shilkret and The Victor Orchestra - Vocal Refrain by Don Howard November 29, 1929 Covered by (8 artists)

Adapted songs