Björn Håkanson

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Real name
Björn Algot Håkanson
Songwriter, translator and producer using many aliases affiliated with his real name. Also co-founder of the Scandinavian Songs Music Group and 'architect' behind the successful pop band Secret Service. Not to be confused with a journalist and a scientific book author of the same name.
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Secret Service


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Songs written by Björn Håkanson

Original songs

Title Written by Originally by Original date Covered by
When the Dancer You Have Loved Walks Out the Door Tim Norell, Björn Håkanson Secret Service 1982 Covered by Parralox
Mister, Don't Speak Bad About My Music Björn Håkanson, Örjan Englund Carina Wessman 1980 Covered by Rexi
Jag vet vad jag vill Björn Håkanson, Örjan Englund Covered by Kirka
If I Try Tim Norell, Björn Håkanson Secret Service 1982 Covered by Meiju Suvas
Flash in the Night Tim Norell, Björn Håkanson Secret Service 1981 Covered by (4 artists)
Come a Rose Björn Håkanson, Örjan Englund Carina Wessman 1980 Covered by Rexi

Adapted songs

Title Written by Originals Originally by Covered by
Vyssjanlull, Lilla Marie Björn Håkanson, Lalla Hansson Sweet Baby James Lalla Hansson
Vi får hoppas allting går bra Björn Håkanson You Never Can Tell Vikingarna Covered by Larz Kristerz
Upp till Ragvaldsträsk! Björn Håkanson, Lalla Hansson Up on Cripple Creek Lalla Hansson
Springa omkring Björn Håkanson Stumblin' In Kikki Covered by Tonix
R.F.S.U. Björn Håkanson Y.M.C.A. Säwes Covered by Tonix
Radion spelar för dig Björn Håkanson Radio Loves You Säwes
Ord ger, ord tar Björn Håkanson Love Hurts Saints [SE]
När min dröm kom Björn Håkanson, Lalla Hansson On the Way Home Lalla Hansson
När dagen försvinner Björn Håkanson Tu sei l'unica donna per me Svenne & Lotta
Mamma låt inte din grabb växa upp till en cowboy Björn Håkanson Mammas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys Mats Rådberg & Rankarna Covered by (2 artists)
Lai-le-lai Björn Håkanson, Lalla Hansson The Boxer Lalla Hansson
Ingen kan gå upp mot dig Björn Håkanson Old Flames (Can't Hold a Candle to You) Örjan Englund
Hur ska detta gå Björn Håkanson How Could This Go Wrong Streaplers
Hej, du med tamburinen Björn Håkanson, Lalla Hansson Mr. Tambourine Man Lalla Hansson
Grön parfym Björn Håkanson, Lalla Hansson One of Us Cannot Be Wrong Lalla Hansson
Försök att förstå Björn Håkanson, Lalla Hansson Have You Ever Seen the Rain? Lalla Hansson
Föddes till att vara Björn Håkanson, Lalla Hansson Wasn't Born to Follow Lalla Hansson
En gång till Björn Håkanson Back in My Arms Again Susanne Alfvengren
Drömmen Björn Håkanson Dreamin' Sven-Erics Covered by Wizex
Den enda levande i vår stad Björn Håkanson, Lalla Hansson The Only Living Boy in New York Lalla Hansson
Anna & mej Björn Håkanson, Lalla Hansson Me and Bobby McGee Lalla Hansson Covered by (4 artists)
Akta dig för Tommy Björn Håkanson Coward of the County Covered by Mats Rådberg