Hylo Brown

Hylo Brown & The Timberlines
Personal name
Frank Brown
April 22, 1922
January 17, 2003
United States
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Bluegrass and country music singer, guitarist and bass player


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Covers by Hylo Brown

Title Performer Release date Originally by
February 1968 Chick Bullock & His Levee Loungers
September 1967 Harry McClintock "Radio Mac"
June 1967 Fred and Gertrude Gossett
February 1968 Burnett Bros.
  June 1967 Fred Walz PRF, L. K. Reeder REC,REL
June 1967 The Chuck Wagon Gang
i March 1967 Don Reno and Red Smiley
November 1962 Vernon Dalhart
September 1967 Gid Tanner and George Riley Puckett
June 1967 (unknown)
April 1959 Roy Acuff and His Smoky Mountain Boys
November 1962 Lead Belly
September 1967 Vernon Dalhart
November 1962 "Buddy" Baker, (unknown)
April 1959 The Carter Family
February 1968 Uncle Dave Macon
November 1962 Lester Flatt, Earl Scruggs & The Foggy Mountain Boys
December 1963 (unknown)
June 1967 (unknown), Grayson and Whitter
i July 1968 Roy Acuff and His Smoky Mountain Boys
April 1959 Emry and Henry Arthur
February 1968 Gene Greene - pianoforte acc. by Charley Straight
June 1967 (unknown)
April 1959 Carter Family
1964 Bill Monroe and His Blue Grass Boys
June 1967 (unknown), Cliff Carlisle
June 1967 Charles Sargent and John Marvin
March 1967 Woody Guthrie
September 1967 (unknown), "Mac" (Harry McClintock)
November 1962 (unknown)
September 1967 George Lashwood
July 1968 Jimmie Driftwood
February 1968 Taylor and Davis - Acc. by Cumberland Ridge Runners.
i September 1967 John Yorke Atlee
December 1967 The Jenkins Family
April 1959 Luther B. Clarke accomp. by Blue Ridge Highballers
June 1967 Betsy Lane Shepherd
June 1967 Charlie Monroe and His Kentucky Pardners
December 1963 Irving Gillette (Henry Burr)
February 1968 Dixon Brothers
July 1973 (unknown), The Carter Family
August 1958 Fiddlin' John Carson
December 1967 (unknown)
February 1968 (unknown)
November 1962 (unknown)
September 1967 Steve Porter
March 1967 Charlie Poole with The North Carolina Ramblers, Clarence Greene
  March 1963 Witty Watty Walton PRF, Dave Walker REC,REL
March 1963 Bill Monroe and His Blue Grass Boys
July 1968 Wade Mainer and Sons of the Mountaineers
April 1959 Carl Story & The Rambling Mountaineers
November 1962 Walter Morris [1]
i September 1967 (unknown)
December 1967 Bradley Kincaid
September 1967 Bascom Lamar Lunsford
March 1957 Jimmie Davis
February 1968 Kelly Harrell with Virginia String Band
March 1967 Smith's Sacred Singers
June 1967 Arthur Collins
September 1967 Cousin Emmy
June 1967 W. Lee O'Daniel and His Light Crust Doughboys
  April 1959 Henry Whitter REL, Riley Puckett REC
November 1962 Bill Monroe and His Blue Grass Boys
June 1967 Bill Cox and Cliff Hobbs
March 1963 George Jones
September 1967 Kelly Harrell, The Carter Family
February 1968 Frank C. Stanley
July 1973 Merle Haggard and The Strangers
  November 1962 Uncle "Am" Stuart REC, Fiddlin' Powers and Family REL
July 1968 Waring's Pennsylvanians
September 1967 Radio Mac (Harry McClintock)
December 1967 Moon Mullican
March 1967 The Carter Family
November 1962 Lead Belly
March 1963 Jimmie Rodgers [US1]
  March 1963 Jerry Scoggins BRD, Lester Flatt, Earl Scruggs & The Foggy Mountain Boys REC,REL
February 1968 (unknown)
September 1967 Bradley Kincaid
April 1959 Lester Flatt, Earl Scruggs & The Foggy Mountain Boys
November 1962 Arthur Tanner
October 1956 Vernon Dalhart
August 1958 Crocker and Cannon (Leonard Rutherford, John D. Foster)
June 1967 The Carter Family
March 1963 The Blue Sky Boys (Bill and Earl Bolick)
June 1967 Florida Normal Industrial Institute Quartet
December 1967 Chas. Dickson (Irving Kaufman)
June 21, 1995 Cowboy Copas
February 1968 Thelma La Vizzo
1963 Terry Fell and The Fellers
September 1967 Kelly Harrell
December 1967 Roy Acuff and His Smoky Mountain Boys
December 1967 Kitty Cheatham
February 1968 (unknown)
April 1959 Hart Brothers
March 1963 Eddie Noack
November 1962 (unknown)
December 1967 Rev. M. L. Thrasher and His Gospel Singers
April 1959 Molly O'Day and The Cumberland Mountain Folks - Vocal Duet by Molly O'Day and Lynn Davis
April 1959 (unknown)
December 1967 The Carter Family
June 1967 Lovin' Sam Down in 'Ram


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