Charly García

Charly García
Casandra Lange
Charly Garcia
Charly Garcia & The Prostitution
Charly Garcia & The Prostitution con Pedro Aznar
Real name
Carlos Alberto García Moreno
October 23, 1951
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Musician, composer, multi-instrumentalist, arranger author, singer-songwriter and Argentine rock producer. He is considered an icon of Argentine rock. He is so far one of the national musicians with the most "Gardel de Oro" Awards to his credit with three statues obtained in 2002, 2003 and 2018.
He founded several Argentine rock bands such as "Sui Géneris", "Serú Girán" and "La Maquina de Pájaros", and has an extensive solo career. With forty-seven official albums recorded in forty-nine years (1969-2018) as a professional musician, plus four unofficial albums with unpublished songs and others participating as a guest musician from different artists and at different times.
His song «Rasguña las piedras» was considered in 2002 by Rolling Stone magazine and the MTV network as the third best song of all time in Argentine rock.
Member of
PorSuiGieco Vocals, backing vocals, piano, keyboards, guitar, bass (1974-1976, 2016)
Serú Girán Vocals, keyboards, guitar (1978-1982, 1992-1993)
Sui Géneris Vocals, piano, keyboards, guitar (1969-1975, 2000-2001)
María Rosa Yorio Wife (1969-1977)
Hilda Lizarazu
Fito Páez
Palito Ortega
Suéter Artistic production, keyboards (1985)
Fabián Von Quintiero Keyboards (Band member) (1987-1995, 2009-...)
María Gabriela Epumer Member of his band (1993-2003)


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