Asia featuring John Payne
Years active
since 1981
Formed as a progressive rock band, the members listed constitute the original line-up. The group has had many personnel changes over the years, with the original members together only until 1983 before they reunited under the Asia name in 2006.

The original Asia broke up in 1986, reuniting (but not all the original members) in 1989. In 1991, vocalist/bassist John Payne joined Geoff Downes in recruiting new members for Asia and, Payne and Downes led Asia until 2005. In 2006, Downes decided to rejoin the original members of Asia and to tour under this name. A dispute over the use of the name "Asia" was resolved when an agreement was reached that allowed Payne to use the name "Asia Featuring John Payne". In fact, this band included other members of later incarnations of Asia, in addition to Payne.
Steve Howe
Geoff Downes
John Wetton
Chris Slade Drums (2000-2005)
Mandy Meyer Guitar (1985-1986)


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