Buck Ram

Buck Ram
Ande Rand
Buck Ram and His Orchestra
Jean Miles
Lynn Paul
November 21, 1907
January 1, 1991
United States
Songwriter, producer and arranger.


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Covers by Buck Ram

Title Performer Release date Originally by
1959 Quintette du Hot Club de France [1930s]
1939 McKenzie's Candy Kids

Songs written by Buck Ram

Original songs

Title Written by Originally by Original date Covered by
Adorable Buck Ram The Colts September 1955 Covered by (3 artists)
Boog It Buck Ram, Cab Calloway, Jack Palmer Gene Krupa and His Orchestra - Vocal Chorus by Irene Daye March 1940 Covered by (6 artists)
Come Home for Christmas Buck Ram The Platters September 1963 Covered by Frans Duijts & The Platters
Friends and Neighbors Buck Ram Mary Rose Bruce with Orchestra and Chorus July 1953 Covered by Joyce Romero with Music by Direction of Monty Kelly
Heaven on Earth Buck Ram The Platters April 1956 Covered by (2 artists)
I'll Be Home for Christmas (If Only in My Dreams) Buck Ram, Walter Kent, Kim Gannon Bing Crosby 1943 Covered by (786 artists)
I'm Sorry Buck Ram, Peter Tinturin, Billy White Bobby Wayne [2] April 1952 Covered by (7 artists)
Only You (And You Alone) Buck Ram The Platters June 1955 Covered by (144 artists)
On My Word of Honor Buck Ram, Claude Baum The Platters April 1956 Covered by (2 artists)
Remember When Buck Ram, Mickey Addy The Platters April 1956 Covered by (5 artists)
Ring, Telephone, Ring Buck Ram, Peter Tinturin Glenn Miller and His Orchestra 1941 Covered by (2 artists)
She Loves to Rock Buck Ram Cornel Gunter and The Flairs April 1956 Covered by The Stargazers with Johnnie Gray and His Band of the Day
Sweet Sixteen Buck Ram, Alan Freed The Colts January 1956 Covered by (2 artists)
The Great Pretender Buck Ram The Platters November 3, 1955 Covered by (79 artists)
Twilight Time Buck Ram, Artie Dunn, Al Nevins, Morty Nevins The Three Suns June 1944 Covered by (106 artists)
You'll Never Never Know Buck Ram, Paul Robi, Tony Williams [US1] The Platters August 17, 1956 Covered by (2 artists)
(You've Got) The Magic Touch Buck Ram The Platters February 20, 1956 Covered by (5 artists)

Adapted songs

Title Written by Originals Originally by Covered by
For the First Time Buck Ram Come prima The Platters Covered by (7 artists)



Title Performer Release date Label
The Magic Touch of Buck Ram and His Orchestra Buck Ram and His Orchestra 1959 Mercury


Title Performer Release date Label
Fool That I Am The Quintones - Orchestra under the Direction of Buck Ram 1939 Vocalion

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