The Imperials [US2]

The Imperials Quartet
Years active
since 1964
United States
Christian vocal group
Sherman Andrus (1972-1976)
Sherrill Nielsen (1964-1965)
Russ Taff (1977-1981)
Jake Hess (1964-1967)


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Covers by The Imperials [US2]

Title Performer Release date Originally by
August 1966 (unknown)
1969 Ralph Carmichael and The Young People
1997 NewSong
1968 Jerry Reed
1972 Carole King
March 1967 Frank and James McCravy
1966 Patricia Neway
August 1966 The Happy Four
1990 Laura Branigan & Joe Esposito
Easter Song The Imperials [US2] 1984 Unverified
1970 Ray Stevens
1968 Ernest Gold conducting the Sinfonia of London Orchestra, Pat Boone
March 1967 J. H. Howell's Carolina Hillbillies
1969 Connie Haines
1972 Carter Family
1998 Waltham Abbey Choir
1998 Judy Garland with Georgie Stoll and His Orchestra
1966 Al Hibbler with Orchestra directed by Jack Pleis
1972 Stevie Wonder
1970 Rev. F. W. McGee, Anne Murray
1969 Danny Gaither
1965 Danny Gaither
January 1980 Darrell Mansfield
March 1967 (unknown), Bill Carle with Ralph Carmichael Orchestra and Chorus
1965 (unknown), Bill Carle with Ralph Carmichael Orchestra and Chorus
1966 George Beverly Shea
1966 Jane Froman with Chorus and Orchestra conducted by Sid Feller
October 14, 1969 Don Gibson
January 1981 Cher
November 15, 1966 Bobby West
March 1967 (unknown)
1965 (unknown)
June 1967 Rev. J.M. Gates
November 1966 Don Ho
October 14, 2016 Don Ho
1969 The Good Twins with Ralph Carmichael's Orchestra and Chorus
1965 The Gospel Echoes
March 1967 Mrs. Wm. Asher - Homer Rodeheaver
1980 (unknown), (unknown)
1966 Stuart Hamblen
June 1967 Stuart Hamblen
1969 Sherman Andrus
October 14, 1969 Chuck Berry
1998 (unknown), Neues Symphonie-Orchester, (unknown)
June 1967 (unknown)
June 1967 Stamps Quartet
August 1966 (unknown)
August 1966 Fortner Family Mixed Quartette
August 1966 Sons of the Pioneers
June 1, 1970 Gilbert Bécaud, Jill Corey with Jimmy Carroll
October 14, 2016 Bill Monroe and His Bluegrass Boys
June 1967 (unknown)
1980 The De Paur Chorus
1964 (unknown), Wiseman Sextet
1964 (unknown)
1980 (unknown), (unknown)
1998 (unknown), (unknown)
1980 Emily Laurey, (unknown)
June 1967 Haydn Quartet with Orchestra
1980 (unknown)
1968 The Settlers
June 1967 Flying Clouds of Detroit
1969 The Rascals
June 1967 Turkey Mountain Singers
June 1, 1970 Creedence Clearwater Revival
June 1, 1970 Eddie Miller and His Oklahomans
1965 The Gospel Echoes
1970 The Chiffons, (unknown), Billy Preston, Simon and Garfunkel, The Beatles, (unknown), Larry Norman
June 1, 1970 Del Shannon
March 1967 Golden Gate Quartet
June 1, 1970 Ma Rainey - Acc. by Her Georgia Jazz Band
1980 Joseph Mohr, Franz Gruber, Haydn Quartet
1998 Boston Pops Orchestra, The Andrews Sisters
March 1967 Ink Spots
1966 Ink Spots
1976 Chuck Girard
March 1967 Madame Magdalene Tartt Lawrence
June 1967 (unknown)
June 1, 1970 Neil Diamond
1964 (unknown), Mrs. A. Stewart Holt
1973 Larry Norman
1970 Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
1966 Nick Noble
1998 Nat "King" Cole [Trio]
August 1966 Jenkins' Sacred Singers
1968 Richard Kiley
1964 Spencer & Ossman, Happy Valley Family
1964 (unknown)
June 1967 Jerry Jericho
June 1, 1970 Joe South and The Believers
1977 Dogwood
1980 (unknown), (unknown)
1964 Harry Macdonough and the Haydn Quartet with Orchestra
March 1967 Harmoneers Quartet with Piano Accompaniment
March 1967 The Statesmen Quartet
Sampled by Elvis Presley [sampled] with Lisa Marie Presley
1998 Bing Crosby with Ken Darby Singers and John Scott Trotter and His Orchestra
1974 Kris Kristofferson
August 1966 Ferlin Husky
March 1967 (unknown)
October 14, 1969 Georgie Fame
June 1, 1970 The Beatles
1966 Christine Johnson with Carousel Chorus and Orchestra under direction of Joseph Littau

Sampled songs



Title Performer Release date Label
Christmas with The Imperials The Imperials [US2] 1980 DaySpring
Dottie Rambo and The Imperials Dottie Rambo and The Imperials 1965 Heart Warming
Fireside Hymns by The Imperials The Imperials [US2] 1964 Heart Warming
Follow the Man with the Music Imperials [US2] 1974 Impact [US2]
Imperials Imperials [US2] 1972 Impact [US2]
Imperials Live Imperials [US2] 1973 Impact [US2]
It's Still the Cross The Imperials [US2] 1997 (self-released)
Jake Hess and The Imperials Sing Inspirational Classics The Imperials [US2] 1966 Heart Warming
Just Because The Imperials [US2] 1976 Impact [US2]
Let the Wind Blow Imperials [US2] March 1985 Myrrh
Love Is the Thing The Imperials [US2] 1969 Impact [US2]
Love's Still Changing Hearts Imperials [US2] 1990 Star Song
"Most Richtly Blessed" and Other Great Inspirational Songs Jimmy Dean with the Imperials Quartet and the Jordanaires June 1967 RCA Victor
New Dimensions The Imperials [US2] 1968 Impact [US2]
No Shortage The Imperials [US2] 1975 Impact [US2]
One More Song for You Imperials [US2] January 1980 DaySpring
Priority Imperials [US2] January 1981 DaySpring
Sail On Imperials [US2] 1977 DaySpring
Slaughter Writes, Imperials Sing Imperials [US2] 1965 Heart Warming
Songs of Christmas The Imperials [US2] 1998 (self-released)
Stand by the Power Imperials [US2] November 1982 DaySpring
The Gloryland Way Hank Locklin with The Imperials Quartet August 1966 RCA Victor
The Happy Sounds of Jake Hess and The Imperials Jake Hess and The Imperials 1965 Heart Warming
The Imperials... Now! The Imperials [US2] 1968 Impact [US2]
Time to Get It Together Imperials [US2] 1970 Impact [US2]

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