Vincent Youmans

Vincent Youmans
Real name
Vincent Millie Youmans
September 27, 1898
April 5, 1946
United States
Popular composer and producer of Broadway shows.


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Songs written by Vincent Youmans

Original songs

Title Written by Originally by Original date Covered by
Carioca Gus Kahn, Vincent Youmans, Edward Eliscu Etta Moten December 22, 1933 Covered by (75 artists)
Drums in My Heart Edward Heyman, Vincent Youmans Gregory Gaye January 28, 1932 Covered by (3 artists)
Flying down to Rio Gus Kahn, Vincent Youmans, Edward Eliscu December 22, 1933 Covered by (16 artists)
Great Day Vincent Youmans, Billy Rose, Edward Eliscu Paul Whiteman and His Orchestra 1929 Covered by (23 artists)
Hallelujah Vincent Youmans, Leo Robin, Clifford Grey Stella Mayhew April 25, 1927 Covered by (15 artists)
I Know That You Know Vincent Youmans, Anne Caldwell Beatrice Lillie December 17, 1926 Covered by (57 artists)
I Want to Be Happy Vincent Youmans, Otto Harbach, Irving Caesar Carl Fenton's Orchestra 1924 Covered by (158 artists)
Keepin' Myself for You Vincent Youmans, Sidney Clare Jack Oakie, Polly Walker December 25, 1929 Covered by (19 artists)
More Than You Know Vincent Youmans, Billy Rose, Edward Eliscu Mayo Methot October 17, 1929 Covered by (257 artists)
Orchids in the Moonlight Gus Kahn, Vincent Youmans, Edward Eliscu Rudy Vallée and His Connecticut Yankees 1933 Covered by (34 artists)
Rise 'n' Shine B.G. DeSylva, Vincent Youmans Paul Whiteman and His Orchestra 1932 Covered by (13 artists)
Sometimes I'm Happy (Sometimes I'm Blue) Vincent Youmans, Irving Caesar, Clifford Grey The Six Hottentots 1927 Covered by (181 artists)
Take a Little One-Step Vincent Youmans, Otto Harbach California Ramblers 1924 Covered by (2 artists)
Tea for Two Vincent Youmans, Irving Caesar Phyllis Cleveland and Jack Barker April 21, 1924 Covered by (303 artists)
That Forgotten Melody Vincent Youmans, Douglas Furber The Romaine Orchestra 1924 Covered by Joan Morris - Robert White - William Bolcom
Through the Years Edward Heyman, Vincent Youmans Michael Bartlett January 28, 1932 Covered by (6 artists)
Time on My Hands Mack Gordon, Vincent Youmans, Harold Adamson Paul Gregory & Marilyn Miller November 18, 1930 Covered by (83 artists)
Toodle-oo Oscar Hammerstein II, Vincent Youmans, William Cary Duncan Mary Hay and Stanley Ridges December 25, 1923 Covered by (4 artists)
Without a Song Vincent Youmans, Billy Rose, Edward Eliscu Lois Deppe & Russell Woodling's Jubilee Singers October 17, 1929 Covered by (160 artists)
You Can Dance with Any Girl at All Vincent Youmans, Otto Harbach Covered by (2 artists)