Eli Newberger - Jimmy Mazzy - Butch Thompson

Covers by Eli Newberger - Jimmy Mazzy - Butch Thompson

Title Performer Release date Originally by
1999 Margaret Simms & Paul Bass
i 1999 Ladd's Black Aces
1999 Margaret Young
1999 Jelly-Roll Morton's Red Hot Peppers
1999 Aileen Stanley
1999 Wilbur Sweatman's Original Jazz Band
1999 Margaret Johnson - Accomp. by Clarence Williams' Blue Five
1999 Lizzie Miles, with piano by Jelly-Roll Morton
i 1999 Lottie Gee and Chorus
i 1999 Freddy Ellis and His Orchestra
1999 The Dixie Stompers
1999 Al Jolson
1999 Douglas Byng
1999 (unknown)
1999 Adelaide Hall
1999 Bessie Smith
1999 Ruth Etting
1999 Fletcher Henderson and His Connie Inn Orchestra - Vocal Refrain by Dick Robertson
1999 Ethel Waters and The Jazz Masters