Erja Lyytinen

Erja Lyytinen
Blues Rock singer and guitarist.
Davide Floreno Floreno is Lyytinen's main collaborator
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Bluesland Productions   founder of


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Covers by Erja Lyytinen

Title Performer Release date Originally by
2013 Mississippi Sheiks, "Sam Hill" From Louisville
2014 Elmo James and His Broomdusters
2008 Tina Turner
May 3, 2010 Blind Willie Johnson
2014 Elmo James
2008 Hambone Willie Newbern
2014 Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson
January 26, 2005 Jimmie Cox
2010 Juice Leskinen & Coitus Int
2002 Jimmy Wilson and His Band
September 23, 2002 The Kingston Trio
March 4, 2015 The Pilgrim Travelers
January 26, 2005 The Pilgrim Travelers
January 26, 2005 Alannah Myles
2014 Elmore James and His Broomdusters
2014 Elmore James
2014 Robert Johnson, Elmo James
2002 Blue Lu Barker with Danny Barker's Fly Cats
2013 Son House, The Legendary Son House
2012 Robert Johnson
2014 Memphis Minnie and Son Joe, Elmo James