Jelly Roll Morton

Jelly Roll Morton
Jelly Roll Morton Jazzmen
Jelly Roll Morton Seven
Jelly Roll Morton's Jazz Band
Real name
Ferdinand Joseph LaMothe
September 20, 1890
July 10, 1941
United States
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Pianist, vocalist, composer and bandleader, and an influential figure in the creation of jazz - particularly as a composer. In fact, Morton, who was reputedly very egotistical, claimed to have personally invented jazz.

Morton's true last name and date of birth have been subject to much controversy.

Morton was stabbed when a fight broke out in the place he was playing in Washington, D.C. He was first denied treatment at a nearby whites-only hospital, then taken to a further away lower quality hospital where, following a long wait, he received substandard care. Morton never completely recovered from his wounds, which led to his death.
Dink Johnson    Brother-in-law
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