Perpetuum Jazzile

Perpetuum Jazzile
Years active
since 1983
XXL a cappella choir founded under its former name Gaudeamus Chamber Choir. The choir performs bossa nova, swing music, funk, gospel, and pop, using close harmonies.


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Covers by Perpetuum Jazzile

Title Performer Release date Originally by
2013 ABBA
2006 Agostinho dos Santos, Jack Jones
2009 Toto
2016 Adele
2009 Araci Cortes
2006 Stevie Wonder
2009 Bee Gees
2016 Roland Gerbeau, Harry James and His Orchestra - Vocal Chorus by Marion Morgan
2006 Stevie Wonder
2016 Judy Collins
2016 Sergio Endrigo
2016 Kool & The Gang
2016 Queen
2009 Earth, Wind & Fire, Earth, Wind & Fire with The Emotions
2016 Kenny Loggins
2006 João Gilberto, Antônio Carlos Jobim, Vinicius de Moraes, Stan Getz & João Gilberto
2012 Van Halen
2006 June Knight & Charles Walters
2012 Billy Joel
2006 Lori Lieberman
2016 Pat Metheny Group
2016 Ramsey Lewis
2016 Idina Menzel
2009 Astor Piazzolla
2016 David Bowie
2006 Connie Boswell
2016 (unknown), Tetos Demetriades meta tis orhistras tou, Mitchell Ayres and His Fashions-In-Music
2009 Elizete Cardoso, The Hi-Lo's, The Idea of North
2016 Jodi Benson
2012 Toto
2009 Os Cariocas
2012 Lady Gaga featuring Beyoncé
2006 Weather Report, The Manhattan Transfer, Manhattan Transfer, Erskine Hawkins & His Orchestra
2012 Cyndi Lauper
2016 Samuel Wright
2012 Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66, Quarteto 004
2016 Cliff Edwards with Victor Young and His Orchestra and The Ken Darby Singers
2009 Michael Jackson



Title Performer Release date Label
Africa Perpetuum Jazzile 2009 Sazas
Both Sides - A Side Perpetuum Jazzile 2016 Sazas
Both Sides - B Side Perpetuum Jazzile 2016 Sazas
Čudna Noč Perpetuum Jazzile 2006 Dallas Records
Vocal Ecstasy Perpetuum Jazzile 2012 DEAG Music
Vocal Ecstasy (Special Tour Edition) Perpetuum Jazzile 2013 (self-released)

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