Peters and Lee

Peters and Lee
Peters & Lee
United Kingdom
Folk/pop duo with its roots in the 1960s, and formed in 1970, breaking up in 1980. Lennie Peters (Leonard Sergeant) was one-half of the duo. Peters had the misfortune of losing his sight in one eye from a car accident at the age of 6, and losing his second eye from a thrown brick at age 16. After being blinded, Peters learned to play the piano and started his music career.

The other half of the duo was Dianne Haily (a/k/a Littlehails), who, with her cousin, constituted the song and dance act, the Haily Twins. The Twins sometimes provided Peters with backing vocals. When the Haily Twins broke up, Haily took the name "Lee", and Peters and Lee was born.
Lennie Peters


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