Edison Male Quartet

Edison Male Quartette
Hayden Quartet
Haydn Quartet
Haydn Quartet with Orchestra
Years active
1896 - 1914
United States
Popular harmony group formed in 1896 as the Edison Male Quartet. When they started recording for labels other than Edison in 1899, they began using the name Haydn Quartet. The group used both names (with variants) until at least 1908, ultimately becoming just the Haydn Quartet. The group sang sentimental ballads, old standards and hymns.
S. H. Dudley
Harry Macdonough
John Bieling


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Originals using parts of other songs

Covers by Edison Male Quartet

Title Performer Release date Originally by
January 1904 (unknown)
1898 (unknown)
February 1904 J. W. Myers
September 1910 Trenton George Washington Pre-Inauguration Band, Gilbert Fox
1902 John Yorke Atlee
1903 (unknown)
1905 Irving Gillette (Henry Burr)
listen on Internet Archive 1902 Emile Berliner
1898 Covered by (1640 artists)
June 1908 Henry Burr
1903 Geo J. Gaskin
1898 (unknown)
1903 (unknown)
  July 1907 Chauncey Olcott PRF, Mr. A. C. Campbell REC,REL
1901 Baldwin's Cadet Band, (unknown), (unknown)
1904 The Banda Rossa
1901 J. W. Myers
May 1909 Joseph Mohr, Franz Gruber
Covered by (1957 artists)
Silent Night (Stille Nacht, Heilige Nacht) Edison Male Quartette 1905 Unverified
September 1904 (unknown)
February 1910 Henry Burr
October 1908 Harvey Hindermeyer
  1899 The Hutchinson Family Singers PRF, Geo J. Gaskin REC,REL
1905 Tally-Ho!
listen on Internet Archive February 1909 (unknown)
May 1904 Tom-Tom & Male Chorus
May 1909 Harry Anthony and James F. Harrison
September 1910 (unknown)



Title Performer Release date Label
Bedelia Haydn Quartet January 1904 Victor
Break the News to Mother Edison Male Quartette 1898 Edison
By the Light of the Silv'ry Moon – Four Little Sugar Plums Billy Murray and Haydn Qartet with Orchestra – Victor Dance Orchestra March 1910 Victor
Dear Old Girl Harry Macdonough and Haydn Quartet February 1904 Victor
Dear Old Girl – On the Banks of the Wabash Harry Macdonough and Hayden Quartet – American Quartet 1917 Victor
God Be with You Till We Meet Again Haydn Quartet with Orchestra March 1905 Victor
Grandfather's Clock Edison Male Quartette April 1905 Edison
Hail Columbia - Yankee Doodle Harry Macdonough and Hayden Quartet - Billy Murray and Hayden Quartet September 1910 Victor
Hard Times Come Again No More Edison Male Quartette 1905 Edison Gold Moulded Records
Home, Sweet Home Haydn Quartet 1902 Victor
I Need Thee Every Hour Haydn Quartet 1899 E. Berliner's Gramophone
In the Good Old Summer Time Haydn Quartet 1903 Victor
In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree Harry Macdonough and the Haydn Quartet with Orchestra 1905 Victor
In the Sweet Bye and Bye Haydn Quartet 1902 Victor Monarch Record
Jesus Christ Is Risen To-day - Blest Be the Tie That Binds Hayden Quartet - Trinity Choir 1909 Victor
Jingle Bells Edison Male Quartette 1898 Edison
Lazy Moon Billy Murray & Haydn Quartet October 1905 Victor
Love Me and the World Is Mine Harry Macdonough with Hayden Quartet June 1908 Victor
Massa's in the Cold, Cold Ground Edison Male Quartette 1903 Edison Gold Moulded Records
Mollie Darling Haydn Quartet March 1908 Victor
My Bonnie Lies over the Ocean Haydn Quartet 1901 Victor
My Old Kentucky Home Haydn Quartet 1903 Victor
My Old Kentucky Home Edison Male Quartette 1898 Edison
My Wild Irish Rose Haydn Quartet July 1907 Victor
Nearer My God to Thee Haydn Quartet 1901 Victor
Old Black Joe Edison Male Quartette 1904 Edison Gold Moulded Records
Old Dog Tray - Hear Dem Bells Hayden Quartet - Billy Murray April 1911 Victor
Onward Christian Soldiers Haydn Quartet 1901 Victor Monarch Record
Put On Your Old Grey Bonnet - It's Hard to Kiss Your Sweetheart When the Last Kiss Means Good-Bye Haydn Quartet - Walter Van Brunt December 1909 Victor
Silent Night, Hallowed Night Haydn Quartet May 1909 Victor
Sweet Adeline Macdonough & Bieling with Hayden Quartet and Orchestra September 1904 Victor
Sweet Genevieve - Where the River Shannon Flows John B. Wells and Haydn Quartet - Harry Macdonough February 1910 Victor
Take Me Out to the Ball Game Haydn Quartet October 1908 Victor
Take Me Up With You, Dearie Billy Murray and Haydn Quartet August 1909 Victor
Tell Mother I'll Be There - Some Time We'll Understand Hayden Quartet - Trinity Choir October 1909 Victor
Tenting Tonight Haydn Quartet 1899 E. Berliner's Gramophone
The First Noël Edison Male Quartette 1905 Edison Gold Moulded Records
The Home over There – Oh, Come, All Ye Faithful Harry Macdonough and Haydn Quartet – Haydn Quartet February 1909 Victor
The Old Time Religion Haydn Quartet with Orchestra 1906 Victor
The Vacant Chair - When You and I Were Young, Maggie Haydn Quartet - Elizabth Wheeler - Harry Macdonough November 1909 Victor
Toyland Corinne Morgan with The Haydn Quartet May 1904 Victor
When the Bees Are in the Hive Macdonough & Bieling & Hayden Quartet with Orchestra March 1905 Victor
When the Roll Is Called Up Yonder I'll Be There Harry Macdonough & Hayden Quartet with Orchestra April 4, 1906 Victor

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