The Charades [FI]

Instrumental group in the style of The Ventures and The Shadows.


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Covers by The Charades [FI]

Title Performer Release date Originally by
i 2008 Rita Coolidge
i   2009 Yves Montand BRD, Cora Vaucaire - Au piano : M. Philippe-Gérard REL
  1991 Yves Montand BRD, Cora Vaucaire - Au piano : M. Philippe-Gérard REL
i 2003 The Dave Clark Five
i   2003 Emilio Tuero PRF, Los Cadetes del Swing REC,REL
i   2004 Peggy Lee REC,REL, Helen Gallagher and Thelma Oliver PRF
i 2014 Frank Zappa
i 2006 Mikhail Ippolitov-Ivanov
i September 23, 2016 David Bowie with The Lower Third
i 2008 Henry Mancini and His Orchestra with Chorus
i 2008 The Dave Bailey Quintet
i 2014 The Shadows [GB]
i 2004 Martha & The Vandellas
i 2002 Louise Cordet
1993 John Goss and the Cathedral Male Voice Quartet, Elvis Presley with The Jordanaires
1993 Frankie Laine
1991 Gerry and The Pacemakers
i 2001 Matt Monro
i 2003 The Shadows with The Norrie Paramor Strings
i 2008 Roy Budd
i 2003 The Temptations [US1]
i 2014 (unknown)
i 2014 "Pine Top" Smith, Blind Roosevelt Graves and His Brother, The Rambler Trio featuring Arthur Smith
i   2006 Mort Stevens and His Orchestra BRD, The Ventures REC,REL
i 2002 Kelly Gordon
i   September 23, 2016 The Bob Leaper Orchestra REL, [Unknown Studio Artists] BRD
i 2014 Howard Shore
  1991 Jerry Jackson REC, Elvis Presley with The Jordanaires REL
i 2004 Rick Nelson
i 2009 The Kingston Trio
i 2001 Jackie Edwards
i 2014 Las Ketchup
i 2014 The Ray MacVay Sound
i 2006 El Jarocho
i 2014 Madonna
i 2006 The Five Keys
i 2003 Rod McKuen
i 2008 Elmer Bernstein
i   1993 Jerry Orbach and Jill O'Hara PRF,REL
1993 Ray Charles
i 2003 Riz Ortolani e Nino Oliviero
i 2008 Simon and Garfunkel
i   September 23, 2016 Al (He's the King) Hirt REL, [Unknown Studio Artists] BRD
i 2004 Caterina Caselli
i 2004 U.S. Bonds
i 2004 Wigwam [FI]
1993 Peter and Gordon [GB]
1993 Scott McKenzie
i 2009 Jet Harris & Tony Meehan
i 2003 Saori Yuki
i 2008 Phil Phillips with The Twilights
i 2006 The Challengers [US2]
i 2014 Dr. Feelgood
i 2003 The Zombies
i 2014 Quincy Jones & His Orch.
i 2008 John Williams - The London Symphony Orchestra
i 2002 The Lovin' Spoonful
i 2009 The Kinks
1993 Yardbirds
i September 23, 2016 The Who
i 2004 Cliff Richard and The Shadows
i 2014 Billy Goldenberg
i 2014 Sousa's Band
i September 23, 2016 The Big Sound of Billy Strange and His Guitar
i 2001 John Barry
i 2006 Ray Anthony and His Orchestra REL, Henry Mancini REC, Ennio Morricone, The John Barry Seven and Orchestra, Leonard Nimoy REL, Lalo Schifrin BRD, (unknown)
i 2001 Henry Mancini and His Orchestra
i 2001 The New Vaudeville Band
i September 23, 2016 The Barry Gray Orchestra, The Rezillos
i 2002 Classics IV
i 2004 Buddy Holly
i 2009 Otis Williams
1993 (unknown), The Big Three [US], Shocking Blue, Kirka - Esko Linnavallin orkesteri
i 2014 Elvis Presley with The Jordanaires
1993 Nina Simone
Covered by Dimitri Keiski
i 2006 Johnny Smith
i 2004 Louis Armstrong
1991 Jackie deShannon
i 2003 Mongo Santamaría
1991 The Hollies


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