Katherine Journey

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United States
Singer who collaborates with her husband, Bronn Journey
Bronn Journey Spouse


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Covers by Katherine Journey

Title Performer Release date Originally by
i 2002 (unknown)
2006 Chicago
i 2002 (unknown)
2011 (unknown)
2002 (unknown), (unknown)
  1999 Bikel, Martin, Children REC, Theodore Bikel, Mary Martin, Children PRF
2006 Larry Meredith
2006 John Lennon
1999 (unknown), Bill Carle with Ralph Carmichael Orchestra and Chorus
2011 (unknown)
2006 Stevie Wonder
2011 (unknown), (unknown)
2006 Tommy Dorsey and His Orchestra
2006 Dan Fogelberg
  2006 Michael Ball PRF,REL
2011 Michael English
i 2002 (unknown)
2002 Emily Laurey, (unknown)
2002 (unknown)
  1999 Rose Laurens, Frances Ruffelle PRF, Eponine (Frances Ruffelle) REC,REL
2011 Evie
2006 Judy Garland
2006 Placido Domingo and John Denver
1999 John Goss and the Cathedral Male Voice Quartet
2002 Joseph Mohr, Franz Gruber, Haydn Quartet
2006 Orchestra conducted by Alfred Newman, Petula Clark with Accompaniment directed by Joe Henderson
  1999 Abbie Mitchell REC,PRF, Helen Jepson REL
  1999 Percy Faith and His Orchestra REC, Mary Martin PRF
  1999 Rosemary Ashe, Sarah Brightman & Steve Barton REL,PRF
2002 (unknown)
  2006 Grace Moore & John Steel PRF, Carl Fenton's Orchestra (Walter Haenschen) REC
2006 Secret Garden