U.K. Subs

U.K. Subs
UK Subs
United Kingdom
Charlie Harper
Nicky Garratt Guitar
Darrell Bath Guitar (1987, 1989-1990, 1999)
Alvin Gibbs
Peter Byrchmore Guitar (2006)
Paul Slack
Rory Lyons


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Title Performer Release date Label
Another Kind of Blues U.K. Subs September 14, 1979 GEM [GB]
Brand New Age U.K. Subs 1980 GEM [GB]
Endangered Species U.K. Subs 1982 NEMS
Flood of Lies U.K. Subs October 1983 Scarlet Records
Gross-Out USA U.K. Subs 1984 Fallout Records
Killing Time U.K. Subs 1988 Fallout Records
Mad Cow Fever U.K. Subs January 1991 Fallout
Normal Service Resumed UK Subs August 1993 Fallout
Riot U.K. Subs 1997 Anagram Records
Subversions U.K. Subs June 22, 2018 Cleopatra
Work in Progress U.K. Subs January 10, 2011 Captain Oi!
XXIV U.K. Subs February 6, 2013 Captain Oi!


Title Performer Release date Label
Amoeba Sounds E.P. U.K. Subs August 23, 2015 Time and Matter Records
Keep On Running (Til You Burn) U.K. Subs 1981 GEM [GB]
The Revolution's Here UK Subs 2000 Combat Rock


Title Performer Release date Label
C.I.D. U.K. Subs 1978 City Records [1]
Hey Santa U.K. Subs November 1987 Fallout
Party in Paris U.K. Subs 1980 GEM [GB]
Sabre Dance U.K. Subs 1988 New Red Archives
Shake Up the City U.K. Subs October 1982 Abstract Records
She's Not There U.K. Subs November 1979 GEM [GB]
Stranglehold U.K. Subs June 1979 GEM [GB]
Teenage U.K. Subs May 9, 1980 GEM [GB]
The Motivator U.K. Subs 1989 Rebel Rec.
Tomorrows Girls U.K. Subs August 31, 1979 GEM [GB]
Warhead U.K. Subs February 1980 GEM [GB]

Performances also appear on

Title Performer Release date Label
New Noise for the Nineties various artists June 1993 Exposed [1]
Smells Like Bleach - A Punk Tribute to Nirvana various artists 2000 Cleopatra
The British Punkinvasion Vol.2 various artists 1996 High Society International


Title Performer Release date Label
Brand New Rage - A Tribute to U.K. Subs various artists 2003 DSS Records