J. Russel Robinson

J. Russel Robinson
Joe Hoover
Real name
Joseph Russell Robinson
July 8, 1892
September 30, 1963
United States
00026282790 12 works
Dixieland and ragtime pianist and composer
Member of
The Dixie Stars


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Songs written by J. Russel Robinson

Original songs

Title Written by Originally by Original date Covered by
Aggravatin' Papa (Don't You Try to Two-Time Me) Roy Turk, J. Russel Robinson, Addy Britt Florence Mills Covered by (37 artists)
Beale Street Mama Roy Turk, J. Russel Robinson Lucille Hegamin and Her Blue Flame Syncopators September 1922 Covered by (33 artists)
Bless You! Sister Al Dubin, J. Russel Robinson Frankie Trumbauer and His Orchestra [featuring Bix Beiderbecke] July 5, 1928 Covered by (4 artists)
Blue-Eyed Sally Al Bernard, J. Russel Robinson The Dixie Stars August 7, 1924 Covered by (4 artists)
Dynamite Rag J. Russel Robinson The Duchess [1] January 1953 Covered by Winifred Atwell
Eccentric J. Russel Robinson Friar's Society Orchestra August 29, 1922 Covered by (57 artists)
Get Rhythm in Your Feet (And Music in Your Soul) J. Russel Robinson, Bill Livingston Henry Allen and His Orchestra May 1935 Covered by (8 artists)
Half-Way to Heaven Al Dubin, J. Russel Robinson The Harmonians July 18, 1928 Covered by (2 artists)
Have You Ever Met That Funny Reefer Man Andy Razaf, J. Russel Robinson Cab Calloway & His Orch. June 9, 1932 Covered by (11 artists)
Margie Benny Davis, Con Conrad, J. Russel Robinson Rega Dance Orchestra October 1920 Covered by (176 artists)
Mary Lou Abe Lyman, J. Russel Robinson, George Waggner Abe Lyman's California Orchestra March 11, 1926 Covered by (20 artists)
Meet Me at No Special Place (And I'll Be There at No Particular Time) J. Russel Robinson, Harry Pyle, Arthur Terker The King Cole Trio January 21, 1947 Covered by (14 artists)
Mournin' Blues Nick LaRocca, Eddie Edwards, Henry Ragas, Tony Sbarbaro, Larry Shields, J. Russel Robinson Original Dixieland Jazz Band July 17, 1918 Covered by (8 artists)
Normandy Jack Little, J. Russel Robinson, Addy Britt Covered by (4 artists)
Palesteena Con Conrad, J. Russel Robinson Original Dixieland Jazz Band December 4, 1920 Covered by (21 artists)
Portrait of Jennie J. Russel Robinson, Gordon Burge Ronnie Deauville 1948 Covered by (65 artists)
Rhythm King J. Russel Robinson, Jo Trent Bix Beiderbecke and His Gang September 21, 1928 Covered by (35 artists)
Singin' the Blues Joe Young [US1], Sam M. Lewis, Con Conrad, J. Russel Robinson Nora Bayes August 26, 1920 Covered by (75 artists)

Adapted songs