Eini Orajärvi
Real name
Eini Hannele Pajumäki
September 29, 1960
Singer, who had her first hit in Finland with the Baccarat cover "Yes sir, alkaa polttaa". Since then she released almost 20 albums.


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Covers by Eini

Title Performer Release date Originally by
1981 Agnetha Fältskog
1979 Mistral [NL], (unknown)
1981 Penny McLean
1981 Trigo Limpio
1982 The Everly Brothers - Orchestra conducted by Archie Bleyer
1982 Chattanooga
1989 Tapio Rautavaara ja Decca-orkesteri Joht. Georg Malmstén
1997 Reijo Taipale - Kullervo Linnan orkesteri
1978 Marion Rung - Four Cats - Esko Linnavallin orkesteri
Juuri sitä minä kaipaankin Eini 1984 Unverified
1997 Bob Mitchell and His Orchestra, Jari Lappalainen - Jaakko Salon orkesteri
1989 Margaret Whiting, Marja Leena
1978 (unknown), (unknown)
Kerro mulle Eini 2005 Unverified
1982 Dick Haymes BRD, Dick Haymes with Orchestra under direction of Victor Young REC
1989 (unknown), Hannele Koivisto
1982 Maywood
1989 (unknown), Olavi Virta ja Triola-orkesteri
1997 Siw Malmkvist, Rauni Pekkala
1982 Anita Meyer
1982 Attack [SE], (unknown)
1981 Rocky Burnette
Covered by K. Kockare
1982 Anita Meyer
1985 Jermaine Jackson & Pia Zadora
1985 Madonna
Covered by (2 artists)
1980 Ottawan
Covered by K. Kockare
1982 Maywood
1982 Aneka, (unknown)
1989 Libertad Lamarque, Helena Siltala ja Erik Lindströmin orkesteri
January 15, 2016 PMMP
September 28, 2011 Nina Simone
1982 Goombay Dance Band
1985 Laura Branigan
Covered by Ville Leinonen
1981 Babe
1979 Luv'
Covered by Maisa Tamminen
1978 Clodagh Rodgers, (unknown)
1983 Ofra Haza
1985 Modern Talking
Covered by CatCat
1980 Olivia Newton-John / Electric Light Orchestra
Covered by Riitta Käpynen
1978 Baccara
Covered by Leni
1989 Tzeni Karezi, Markita Mattsson - Jaakko Salon orkesteri