Monika Hauff und Klaus-Dieter Henkler

Hauff & Henkler
Monika Hauff - Klaus-Dieter Henkler
Monika Hauff & Klaus-Dieter Henkler


Covers by Monika Hauff und Klaus-Dieter Henkler

Title Performer Release date Originally by
1974 The Seekers
1982 Peter, Sue & Marc
1973 Trío González
1979 João Gilberto, Pat Thomas, arranged and conducted by Lalo Schifrin
1979 The Pied Pipers - With Paul Weston and His Orchestra
1971 (unknown), (unknown performer) PRF, Orquesta del Zoológico REL
1977 (unknown)
1975 The New Seekers
1982 (unknown), Richard Tauber, tenor - Mischa Spoliansky, piano
1982 Diana Ross & Lionel Richie
1982 Ultraphon-duo - R. A. Dvorský a jeho taneční orchestr, (unknown)
1982 Renate und Werner Leismann
1973 (unknown), Peter, Paul and Mary
1976 (unknown), (unknown), (unknown), Pusinelli & Hackert, (unknown)
1973 The Kingston Trio
1973 (unknown), Harry Belafonte
1976 Dubrovački Trubaduri
1982 Coro Della Societa Alpinisti Trentini, Der Günter-Kallmann-Chor - Orchester Adalbert Luczkowski - Solist: Jacky Brown
1975 Flora Donaldson
1975 Fadhili William and The Black Shadows
1974 (unknown), Joe Dassin
1975 George Baker Selection, Nina & Mike
1977 (unknown)
1976 V. Paljetak
1982 (unknown)
1974 Riccardo Del Turco - Complesso vocale I Players - Orchestra Gianni Morigi, Joe Dassin
1979 John Denver
1974 Simon and Garfunkel
1975 Glen Campbell
1975 Alain Barrière avec Noëlle Cordier
1982 Bernhard Jakschtat





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