Yngve Stoor

Yngve Stoor med Cupol-Orkestern
Yngve Stoor med orkester
Yngve Stoor med sin Hawaii-Orkester
Yngve Stoor med sin Hawaiiorkester
Yngve Stoors Hawaji-Orkester
Yngve Stoors orkester
Real name
Hans Yngve Stoor
April 5, 1912
October 3, 1985
Musician (guitar), singer, lyricist and composer


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Covers by Yngve Stoor

Title Performer Release date Originally by
October 1950 (unknown), (unknown)
1958 Louis Prima and His Orchestra
Covered by (4 artists)
1958 Johnny Bond, (unknown)
August 1954 Dick McIntire and His Harmony Hawaiians
October 1938 Adriana Caselotti
Covered by (5 artists)
December 1949 Swing and Sway with Sammy Kaye - Vocal Refrain by Don Cornell and The Three Kaydets
Covered by Ronimas
December 1957 Skuespiller Axel Boesen, Wilh. Julinder
August 1954 Hawaiian Quintette, Andy Iona and His Islanders
1979 Hawaiian Quintette, Andy Iona and His Islanders, (unknown)
i November 1953 (unknown)
December 1957 Bing Crosby with Ken Darby Singers and John Scott Trotter and His Orchestra, Bertil Boo, Sven Arefeldts orkester
November 1953 Darrell Glenn
Covered by (2 artists)
December 1949 Sebastián Yradier
Covered by Blommans
1959 Inger Jacobsen m/ Carsten Kloumans orkester, Inger Jacobsen - Carsten Kloumans orkester
1957 (unknown), (unknown)
October 1938 Adriana Caselotti and Harry Stockwell
Covered by Tatiana Angelini med Einar Groth's orkester
January 1951 (unknown)
1958 Miyoshi Umeki
Covered by Towa Carson med Mats Olssons orkester
1958 Bob Hope & Marilyn Maxwell
Covered by Magnus Banck
1957 Will Osborne and His Orchestra - Vocal Chorus by Will Osborne, (unknown)
June 1941 The Troubadours [Shilkret] – Vocal Refrain by Frank Munn, Sven-Olof Sandberg med Sylvain's Orkester
January 1951 Joe Rines and His Orchestra – Vocal Chorus by Joe Rines
Covered by (4 artists)
November 1947 Joseph Mohr, Franz Gruber, Grammophonkvartetten
October 1950 (unknown), Dagmar Ebbesen
1958 Lew Stone and His Band, Bertil Boo - Sven Arefeldts orkester
November 1953 Anita O'Day - Orchestra conducted by Larry Russell, Lily Berglund med Simon Brehms orkester


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