Michael Danzinger

Michael Danzinger
The Boheme Bar Trio
Real name
Karl Michael Andreas
October 17, 1914
August 20, 2007
Pianist, entertainer and composer from Vienna. With guitarist Laszlo Gati and accordion player Willy Fantel he formed the Boheme Bar-Trio often accompanying Liane Augustin.


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Covers by Michael Danzinger

Title Performer Release date Originally by
1965 Luciano Tajoli
1965 Victor Symphony Orchestra with George Gershwin
1954 Victor Symphony Orchestra with George Gershwin
1967 Jan und Kjeld
1955 June Knight
1954 Léonce, Désiré, Marie Garnier, Lise Tautin
1954 (unknown)
1965 (unknown)
1967 (unknown), (unknown)
1965 (unknown)
1954 (unknown)
1955 (unknown), Edward Nell with The Foursome Quartet
1967 Fisk University Jubilee Singers
1965 Muriel Angelus
1965 (unknown)
1967 Adamo
1967 (unknown)
1965 Carol Channing and David Hartman
1953 Bully Buhlan mit dem Horst Wende Quartett
1965 Kammersänger Richard Tauber - Begleitung: Dajos-Béla-Künstlerorchester
1965 Claramae Turner
1965 Felicia Sanders
1955 Virginia Bruce
1954 Dino Di Luca e Coro, Rina Ketty - Accomp. d'Orchestre, dir. Marcel Cariven
1954 Leo Marjane acc. par Raymond Legrand et son Orchestre
1967 El Jarocho
1953 Charles Trenet et son Quartette Ondioline
1954 Roland Gerbeau
1967 Sebastián Yradier
1954 Renée Lamy
1954 Marianne Michel
1954 Yves Montand
1965 Ronnie Kranckin Orkesteri
1965 Freddy Martin and His Orchestra
1955 Kathryn Crawford, June Shafer, Ida Pearson and Stella Friend
1965 C. Richard Tauber
1955 Douglas Byng
1955 Mary Martin
1965 William Frawley
1965 Guy Mardel
1955 Fred Astaire
1953 Edith Piaf
1953 Nilla Pizzi e Coro
1954 Mlle Lucienne Boyer
1967 (unknown), Monsieur Fernand
1965 Sallie Fisher and Charles King
1967 France Gall
1965 John Laurenz
1955 Swing and Sway with Sammy Kaye
1967 Udo Jürgens
1965 Willy Schneider
1967 (unknown)
1965 Rita Montaner
1955 Patricia Morison
1965 (unknown)
1954 Jacques Hélian et son Orchestre, Charles Trenet accompagné par Wal-Berg et son Orchestre, Roland Gerbeau
1965 Nelson Pinedo con La Sonora Matancera
1965 Bing Crosby
1965 Guy Lombardo and His Royal Canadians
1965 (unknown)
1967 Udo Jürgens
1953 Joni James - Orchestra Conducted by Lew Douglas
1953 Patti Page accompanied by Harry Geller & His Orchestra
1955 Patricia Morison, Alfred Drake



Title Performer Release date Label
A Continental Cocktail - Liane Sings with The Boheme Bar Trio Liane with The Boheme Bar Trio 1953 Vanguard
Cafe Continental - Liane Sings with The Boheme Bar Trio Liane with The Boheme Bar Trio 1953 Vanguard
Night and Day Liane with The Boheme Bar Trio 1955 Vanguard
Paris Midnight Liane with The Boheme Bar Trio 1954 Vanguard
Piano Cocktail - Long Drink 6 Michael Danzinger 1965 Amadeo
Piano Cocktail - Long Drink 8 Michael Danzinger 1967 Amadeo