Ehud Manor

Ehud Manor
אהוד מנור
Real name
Ehud Weiner
July 13, 1941
April 12, 2005
00034737089 6 works
Songwriter, who wrote some 1,250 songs and translated another 630 into Hebrew. Poet, translator and radio and TV personality.


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Songs written by Ehud Manor

Original songs

Adapted songs

Title Written by Originals Originally by Covered by
Alfonsina Vehaiam {אלפונסינה והים} Ehud Manor Alfonsina y el mar חוה אלברשטיין (Chava Alberstein) Covered by (2 artists)
{Eyze shigaon} איזה שגעון Ehud Manor Mad About the Boy גילה אלמגור (Gila Almagor)
אם לולה רק רוצה {Im Lola rak rotsa} Ehud Manor Whatever Lola Wants גילה אלמגור (Gila Almagor)
אמריקה Ehud Manor America The Parvarim
אני נערה שמרנית {Naara shamranit} Ehud Manor Just an Old-Fashioned Girl Covered by (2 artists)
את זה ממני לא ייקחו {Et ze mimeni lo ikhu} Ehud Manor They Can't Take That Away from Me גידי גוב {Gidi Gov}
גשר על מי זעף Ehud Manor Bridge over Troubled Water The Parvarim
המתאגרף Ehud Manor The Boxer The Parvarim
הצוואה {Ha-tsavaa} Ehud Manor Boys in the Back Room גילה אלמגור (Gila Almagor)
יריד סקרבורו Ehud Manor Scarborough Fair / Canticle, Scarborough Fair, The Elfin Knight The Parvarim
צלילי השקט Ehud Manor The Sound of Silence The Parvarim
רק היום {Rack hayom} Ehud Manor Love for Sale Covered by (2 artists)