The Sonics

The Sonic
Years active
since 1960
United States
Rock band, formed in Tacoma, Washington, counting as the pioneers of “proto-punk” and “garage rock”.
Gerry Roslie


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Originals using parts of other songs

Covers by The Sonics

Title Performer Release date Originally by
1967 The Mothers of Invention
1975 Little Richard
1969 Steppenwolf
i October 24, 2006 Roy Lee Johnson
1980 Bo Diddley
March 1965 The Wailers [US]
1966 Huey (Piano) Smith and The Clowns
March 1965 The Contours
1969 Grapefruit
1969 Robert Knight
1969 The Beatles with Billy Preston
  March 1965 The Valiants [US1] REL, Little Richard REC
i 1980 Ian Whitcomb
  1980 The Raindrops [US] REC, The Summits REL
listen on Internet Archive March 1965 Richard Berry and The Pharaohs
1966 Marvin Gaye
1969 Billy Joe Royal
1967 Bo Diddley
1969 The Five Americans
1966 Adam Faith with The Roulettes
1966 Johnny Moore's Three Blazers with Mari Jones, Little Richard and His Band
November 1964 "Boodle It" Wiggins
1969 Neil Diamond
1980 Little Willie John
1980 Eddie Holland
1980 Bo Diddley
1966 Shirley & Lee
1965 Richard Berry and The Pharaohs
Love Itis The Sonics 1996 Missing information
1986 Little Richard
March 1965 Barrett Strong
1969 Bob Dylan
1969 Bruce Channel
1969 Cupids Inspiration
March 1965 The Honey Dripper, Nappy Brown
1967 The Lovin' Spoonful
1980 Richard and The Young Lions
1986 James Brown with The Famous Flames
1986 The Seeds featuring Sky Saxon
1969 Simon Dupree & The Big Sound
March 1965 Chuck Berry and His Combo
1969 Rodger Collins
1966 Buddy Johnson and His Orchestra - Vocal Chorus by Ella Johnson
1966 Bill Haley and His Comets
1980 Freddy Cannon
1965 Edison Male Quartette
1980 The Counts
March 1965 Rufus Thomas
March 31, 2015 Bo Diddley


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