Jerry Mengo

Jerry Mengo
Giuseppe Mengozzi
Jao Pandeiro
Jerry Mengo et son orchestre
Teddy Martin
Teddy Martin & His Famous Dance Orchestra
Teddy Martin and His Las Vegas Twisters
Real name
Joseph Gaetan Mengozzi
April 17, 1911
April 23, 1979
Jazz drummer, guitarist, bandleader, composer and arranger. Mengo played with Django Reinhardt during the 1930s and was a well known bandleader during the 1950s and 1960s.


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Covers by Jerry Mengo

Title Performer Release date Originally by
i 1959 (unknown)
i 1968 Los Fronterizos - Cantoría de la basílica del Socorro
i 1956 Bert Kaplan and His Collegians
i 1956 Louis Armstrong & His Orchestra
i 1956 Louis Armstrong and His Orchestra
i 1960 Johnny Tillotson
i 1956 (unknown)
i 1959 Nicola Arigliano, Dalida accompagnée par Raymond Lefèvre et son orchestre
1947 Eddy Howard and His Orchestra
Covered by Roland Gerbeau
i 1956 Maria Schell
i 1960 Ray Noble and His Orchestra
i 1956 Paul Misraki
1947 (unknown)
Covered by (3 artists)
i 1960 Freddie Slack and His Orchestra - Vocal by Ella Mae Morse
i 1960 The Champs
i 1960 Duke Ellington and His Famous Orchestra - Vocal Refrain by Herb Jeffries
i 1959 (unknown)
i 1960 Percy Faith
September 1955 Charles Aznavour
i 1955 (unknown)
i 1955 (unknown)
i 1960 Rita Montaner
1961 (unknown)
i 1960 (unknown)
1959 Reg Owen and His Orchestra, Jean Philippe accompagné par Jean Bouchéty et son orchestre
i 1959 Dalida accompagnée par Raymond Lefèvre et son orchestre
September 1955 (unknown)
September 1955 Castel et Casti avec André Grassi et son orchestre
i 1960 Hank Snow, The Singing Ranger and The Rainbow Ranch Boys
1961 Sue Thompson
Covered by (4 artists)
i 1960 Tony Dallara con la grande orchestra di Ezio Leoni
i 1968 Riccardo Del Turco
1959 (unknown)
i 1956 Louis Armstrong and His Hot Five
i 1960 Floyd Robinson
i 1960 Jacqueline Boyer
1959 (unknown), The Fraternity Brothers with Gil Fields, Caterina Valente avec Werner Müller et son orchestre
i 1960 Connie Francis
i 1960 Les Brown and His Orchestra - Vocal Chorus by Doris Day