Klaus & Servants

Pop group active since the mid-1960s.
Klaus Strand-Holm


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Covers by Klaus & Servants

Title Performer Release date Originally by
February 1973 José Feliciano
1977 Eivor och Tina, Lars Stryg & Royal Strings
June 1970 Styvar Manor
i   1980 The Shadows [GB] REL, Bert Weedon REC
i 1980 The Shadows and The Norrie Paramor Strings
1977 The Equals
1972 Dawn
1988 George Baker Selection
  1985 Jack Denny and His Orchestra - Vocal by Sonny Schuyler REC, Bing Crosby BRD
1974 The Everly Brothers
i 1980 The Shadows [GB]
1977 The Beach Boys
1968 Ray Sanders with The Anita Kerr Singers, Helle Wilke med orkester under ledelse af Henning Blegvad
1977 The Tremeloes
1977 The Dave Clark Five
i 1980 The Shadows [GB]
i 1980 The Shadows [GB]
1974 The Dave Clark Five
i 1980 Jean-Michel Defaye et son grand orchestre à cordes
  1985 Kris Kristofferson REC, Percy Sledge REL
November 1971 Daudi Kabaka & George Agade
1974 Neil Sedaka
1972 The Obsession [US]
1974 Peter and Gordon [GB]
1985 Stevie Wonder
i 1980 Barbecue Joe and His Hot Dogs (Wingy Manone), Mills Blue Rhythm Band, Edgar Hayes and His Orchestra
1977 Elvis Presley
1972 Tony Christie
1974 The Isley Brothers with Hugo Peretti and His Orch.
Covered by Kim & Hallo
Jeg vil ikke giftes Klaus & Servants February 1970 Unverified
1974 Los Diablos
1977 Åke Grønberg - Sven Arefeldts Orkester med Erik Frank, John Mogensen
1977 John Mogensen
  December 1974 Poul Beck REL, Otto Brandenburg REC
February 1973 Eva Gloria Lopèz
December 1974 The Drifters [US1]
Covered by (2 artists)
1974 The New Seekers
i 1980 Maurice Jarre
1977 Chubby Checker
1974 Neil Sedaka
December 1974 Neil Sedaka with Stan Applebaum and His Orchestra, Birgit Lystager, Steen Holkenov's kor og orkester
1974 Ruth Brown [US]
November 1971 Nicoletta, Ivana Spagna
i   1980 The Shadows [GB] REL, Francis Chagrin BRD
i 1980 The Shadows [GB]
1977 The Mama's and The Papa's
1974 Neil Sedaka
i 1980 The Shadows [GB]
1968 Ingvar "Tjotta" Olsson - Leon Landgrens orkester, (unknown)
1974 Roy Orbison and The Candy Men
May 1973 Björn & Benny Agnetha & Anni-Frid
1985 Kim Larsen
1972 Middle of the Road, Birgit Lystager
December 1974 John Mogensen
1977 Scott McKenzie
i 1980 "Pine Top" Smith, Blind Roosevelt Graves and His Brother, The Rambler Trio featuring Arthur Smith, The Shadows [GB]
December 1974 Chris Andrews, Birgit Lystager
1972 Middle of the Road
1985 Bobby Vinton, Grethe & Jørgen Ingmann
1974 The Crickets [US]
1977 The Hollies
1986 John Denver
1974 Little Eva
i 1980 The Shadows [GB]
1985 Norro Wilson, Joe Stampley
i The Quartermaster's Stores Klaus & Servants January 1, 2008 Unverified
i 1980 The Shadows [GB]
1986 Albert Hammond
1977 Cliff Richard and The Shadows
1986 Erik Grip
1974 Denny Vaughan with Chorus and Orchestra
1974 ABBA PRF,REL, Lecia & Lucienne
1977 Samuel Ash
1985 F.R. David
1974 Peter and Gordon [GB]
i 1985 Randy Randolph
1977 Chris Andrews
1974 The Fortunes


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