Jack Lawrence [US1]

Jack Lawrence and His Quartet
Real name
Jacob Louis Schwartz
April 7, 1912
March 18, 2009
United States
00017470791 40 works
Songwriter and lyricist. He was inducted into The Songwriters Hall of Fame in 1975.
Bernice Parks Wife


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Songs written by Jack Lawrence [US1]

Original songs

Title Written by Originally by Original date Covered by
A Handful of Stars Jack Lawrence [US1], Ted Shapiro Glenn Miller and His Orchestra - Vocal Refrain by Ray Eberle August 14, 1940 Covered by (44 artists)
All or Nothing at All Jack Lawrence [US1], Arthur Altman Jimmy Dorsey and His Orchestra - Vocal Chorus by Bob Eberly June 6, 1939 Covered by (289 artists)
Big Boy Blue Jack Lawrence [US1], Peter Tinturin, David Kapp Mills Brothers and Ella Fitzgerald January 14, 1937 Covered by (5 artists)
By Candlelight Jack Lawrence [US1], Nicholas Brodszky Carlos Thompson May 1954 Covered by Kay Armen
Do Me a Favor Jack Lawrence [US1], Peter Tinturin "Fats" Waller and His Rhythm May 16, 1934 Covered by (2 artists)
Foolin' Myself Jack Lawrence [US1], Peter Tinturin Chick Bullock and His Levee Loungers May 25, 1937 Covered by (54 artists)
Ghost of Love Jack Lawrence [US1], Mary Lou Williams Andy Kirk and His Clouds of Joy October 24, 1938 Covered by (3 artists)
Have You Ever Been in Heaven? Jack Lawrence [US1], Peter Tinturin Covered by (8 artists)
Hold My Hand Jack Lawrence [US1], Richard Myers Don Cornell July 1954 Covered by (11 artists)
If I Didn't Care Jack Lawrence [US1] Ink Spots January 12, 1939 Covered by (57 artists)
I Had a Ball Jack Lawrence [US1], Stan Freeman Karen Morrow 1964 Covered by (9 artists)
I'm Glad for Your Sake (I'm Sorry for Mine) Jack Lawrence [US1], Peter Tinturin Andy Kirk and His Clouds of Joy - Vocal Chorus by Pha Terrell April 17, 1937 Covered by (21 artists)
I'm Through Jack Lawrence [US1], Jimmie Turner Three Sharps and a Flat January 24, 1939 Covered by Ink Spots
In the Mood Mist Jack Lawrence [US1] Randy Brooks and His Orchestra vocal chorus by Billy Usher (Randy Brooks [US1]) December 3, 1945 Unverified
It's Funny to Everyone but Me Jack Lawrence [US1] Ink Spots May 17, 1939 Covered by (11 artists)
Johnson Rag Jack Lawrence [US1], Guy Hall, Henry Kleinkauf Covered by (36 artists)
Linda Jack Lawrence [US1] Ray Noble and His Orchestra with Buddy Clark November 15, 1946 Covered by (11 artists)
Music from Beyond the Moon Jack Lawrence [US1], Guy Wood Vic Damone and Music by Camarata October 4, 1947 Covered by (563 artists)
Never Smile at a Crocodile Frank Churchill, Jack Lawrence [US1] [Unknown Studio Artists] 1952 Covered by (8 artists)
No One but You Jack Lawrence [US1], Nicholas Brodszky Connie Russell with Orchestra conducted by Harold Mooney April 1954 Covered by (9 artists)
Play Fiddle Play Jack Lawrence [US1], Arthur Altman, Emery Deutsch Covered by (16 artists)
Sunrise Serenade Jack Lawrence [US1], Frankie Carle Glen Gray and The Casa Loma Orchestra February 17, 1939 Covered by (76 artists)
Tenderly Jack Lawrence [US1], Walter Gross Dick Farney - Orchestrated and conducted by Paul Baron June 1947 Covered by (565 artists)
The Other Half of Me Jack Lawrence [US1], Stan Freeman Richard Kiley 1964 Covered by (4 artists)
The Pawnbroker Jack Lawrence [US1], Quincy Jones Quincy Jones and His Orchestra - Vocal by Mark Allen February 20, 1965 Covered by (17 artists)
Think Beautiful Stan Freeman, Jack Lawrence [US1] Rosetta LeNoire, Karen Morrow, Alley Gang & Ensemble (Rosetta LeNoire) 1964 Unverified
What's Your Story Morning Glory Paul Francis Webster, Jack Lawrence [US1], Mary Lou Williams Andy Kirk and His Clouds of Joy October 25, 1938 Covered by (33 artists)
What Will I Tell My Heart? Jack Lawrence [US1], Peter Tinturin Andy Kirk and His Clouds of Joy - Vocal Chorus by Pha Terrell December 9, 1936 Covered by (44 artists)
With the Wind and the Rain in Your Hair Jack Lawrence [US1], Clara Edwards Kay Kyser and His Orchestra November 28, 1939 Covered by (52 artists)
Yes, My Darling Daughter Jack Lawrence [US1] Dinah Shore with Orchestra October 4, 1940 Covered by (13 artists)

Adapted songs