Sonny Burke [US1]

Sonny Burke [US1]
Sonny Burke and His Orchestra
Real name
Joseph Francis Burke
March 22, 1914
May 31, 1980
United States
00004607222 14 works
00004608121 1 work
00075647840 11 works
Composer, arranger, musical director and producer


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Covers by Sonny Burke [US1]

Title Performer Release date Originally by
June 1948 The King Cole Trio
April 1949 Marion Harris
June 1947 (unknown), Al Jolson
August 1949 Billy Eckstine - Orchestra conducted by Buddy Baker
1940 Tommy Dorsey and His Orch.
September 1948 George Olsen and His Orchestra
i 1951 Stubby Kaye, Johnny Silver and Douglas Deane
September 29, 1947 Peggy Lee with Dave Barbour and His Orchestra
September 1954 The Clovers
i June 1950 Mickey Katz and His Orchestra
February 1948 Tony Martin & Yvonne DeCarlo
1940 Bobby Byrne and His Orchestra
February 1947 Bert Lown and His Hotel Biltmore Orchestra
1946 John Boles, Jeanette Loff, the Sisters G, George Chiles and the Russell Market Dancers
August 1947 Texas Jim Robertson and The Panhandle Punchers
January 1952 Ames Brothers
June 16, 1947 Betty Hutton with Joe Lilley and His Orchestra
June 1954 Betty Madigan - Orchestra conducted by Joe Lipman
1960 (unknown)
1950 Ethel Merman - Gordon Jenkins and His Orchestra and Chorus
May 1951 Tennessee Ernie
1953 (unknown), Richard Kiley & Chorus
1953 Joan Diener, Henry Calvin & Chorus (Patrician Dunn, Bonnie Evans, Reiko Sato, Jack Dodds, Mark Wilder)
1960 Judy Garland
October 1954 Peggy Moran
February 4, 1946 Stan Kenton and His Orchestra
July 1946 Betty Garrett, Chandler Cowles, Fred Danieli, Howard Malone, Alan Manson
September 29, 1947 Prince's Band
March 1951 Joe Liggins and His "Honeydrippers"
1950 Ethel Merman
December 1947 Mary Lawlor and John Price Jones
November 1954 Dickie Valentine with The Stargazers
September 29, 1947 Lisa Kirk
June 1954 Judy Garland
November 1949 Snooky Lanson - Beasley Smith and His Orchestra
July 1946 New Mayfair Dance Orchestra
November 1949 Helen Morgan
November 1954 Hildegarde Neff