Jackie DeShannon

Jackie De Shannon
Jackie Dee
Jackie Shannon
Real name
Sharon Lee Myers
August 21, 1941
United States
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Pop singer-songwriter with a string of hit song credits from the 1960s onwards. She was one of the first female singer-songwriters of the rock 'n' roll period.
Randy Edelman Husband
Randy Myers Brother


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Title Performer Release date Covered by
October 27, 1961 Rita Pavone
September 1975 (57 artists)
September 1975 Carpenters
 REC 1993 (31 artists)
Originally by Irma Thomas REL
April 8, 1966 Lisa Shane
April 11, 1963 Pat Carroll [AU]
1978 (4 artists)
November 13, 1964 (3 artists)
September 1977 (2 artists)
September 1975 (9 artists)
June 15, 1971 (8 artists)
 REC 2003 Van Morrison
Originally by Sammy Hagar REL
May 25, 1961 (2 artists)
May 7, 1964 (2 artists)
October 1968 (3 artists)
August 10, 1966 (7 artists)
April 15, 1965 The Bandits [US]
1970 (2 artists)
September 1975 Patty Weaver
September 1977 Anne Murray
September 1975 (2 artists)
September 1969 (2 artists)
October 1966 Shirley Ellis
April 11, 1963 (86 artists)
March 1968 (3 artists)
September 1975 Agneta Zelán
May 28, 1969 (109 artists)
May 7, 1964 (4 artists)
June 15, 1971 Randy Edelman
November 8, 1963 (6 artists)
To Be Myself Jackie DeShannon October 1966 Unverified
March 26, 1969 (5 artists)
April 1972 (3 artists)
 REL August 1963 (29 artists)
Originally by Bob Dylan REC
April 15, 1965 (338 artists)
November 8, 1963 (102 artists)
October 1966 Truly Smith
1978 (3 artists)
August 31, 1962 (4 artists)

Covers by Jackie DeShannon

Title Performer Release date Originally by
August 1963 Fiddlin' John Carson, The Journeymen
October 27, 1961 Ray Charles
August 1965 Steve Alaimo
2006 Van Morrison
September 1967 John Davidson and Lesley Ann Warren
March 17, 1967 Claude Thornhill and His Orchestra - Vocal Chorus by Fran Warren
March 1968 Tim Hardin
August 1963 State Street Boys, Blind Boy Fuller, Bob Dylan
June 15, 1971 The Raeletts
1970 Judy Collins
October 1968 The Holy Mackerel
  August 1963 Bob Dylan REC, The Chad Mitchell Trio REL
June 1972 Stoneground
October 1966 Petula Clark
2006 Carole King
2005 The Critters
October 1968 Marianne Faithfull
March 1968 The Lovin' Spoonful
September 2011 The Byrds
September 1967 Count Basie and His Orchestra, Bobby Darin
August 1965 Ernie Andrews accompanied by Wilbert Baranco Trio
August 1963 (unknown), Bob Dylan
June 15, 1971 Fisk University Jubilee Singers
September 1967 The Pied Pipers - With Paul Weston and His Orchestra
2003 Mike Berry
  April 2015 Nancy Sinatra REC, Sarah Vaughan REL
  September 1967 The Ronettes REC, The Walker Brothers with Accompaniment directed by Reg Guest REL
Faded Love Jackie DeShannon 1963 Unverified
April 2015 Delaney & Bonnie and Friends
June 1972 Alice Stuart
Guess Who Jackie De Shannon 1962 Unverified
September 2011 Brenda Lee
1978 Eddie Rabbitt
June 1972 John Hurley
August 14, 1964 Rev. F. W. McGee
March 1968 Rick Jarrard
August 1963 The Weavers
September 1967 James Ray with The Hutch Davie Orch.
March 17, 1967 Robie Porter - Arr. & Cond. by Peter Matz
September 1977 Parker McGee
  March 17, 1967 Dick Todd with Orchestra REC,REL, Tamara PRF
July 1957 Faye Adams with The Joe Morris Orchestra
February 16, 1962 Sonny Thompson - Vocal by Lula Reed
  March 1968 Four Tops REL, The Supremes [US1] REC
August 1965 Frankie Laine - Arr. & Cond, by Jack Nitzsche
February 12, 1964 The Crickets [US]
June 15, 1971 McGuinness Flint
Isn't It a Pity Jackie DeShannon March 2, 2018 Unverified
September 1967 Fritz Kreisler - Piano Accompaniment Carl Lamson, Tommy Edwards
August 14, 1964 Louis Brooks and His Hi-Toppers
June 1972 Van Morrison
August 1963 Bobby Darin
June 15, 1971 Bob Dylan
September 1965 The Crickets [US]
January 1968 The Turtles
1970 Little Anthony and The Imperials, The Supremes [US1]
  March 17, 1967 Leo Reisman and His Orchestra - Vocal Refrain by Fred Astaire REC, Fred Astaire PRF
September 1967 The Germz
  October 1964 The Crickets [US] REL, Sonny West REC
August 1963 Standard Quartette
April 1972 Neil Young
October 1964 Arron Neville
June 1972 John Prine
August 1963 Peter, Paul and Mary
1993 Tim Hardin
2003 Van Morrison
August 1963 Mike Settle and The Settlers
1974 Bobby Charles
April 2015 Fleetwood Mac
April 8, 1966 The Boys [US]
  August 1965 Abbie Mitchell REC,PRF, Helen Jepson REL
October 1968 Cream
August 1963 Radio Mac (Harry McClintock)
2006 The Sweet Inspirations
1974 Susan Shirley - Arranged & Conducted by Arthur Greenslade
October 1968 The Band
March 3, 1967 Elmer Bernstein
1978 The Beatles
September 1967 Lesley Miller
September 1977 Bee Gees
October 1966 Jay & The Americans
September 2000 The Beach Boys
April 1959 Elvis Presley
September 1977 Dottie West
March 26, 1969 Bobby Womack
September 1967 Victor Young, Jeri Southern with Victor Young and His Orchestra
October 1966 The Shirelles
June 1972 Steve Goodman
October 1966 Pino Donaggio, Dusty Springfield
October 1968 The Miracles

Songs written by Jackie DeShannon

Original songs

Title Written by Originally by Original date Covered by
Baby That's Me Jackie DeShannon, Jack Nitzsche The Fashions [US1] July 1964 Covered by (3 artists)
Baby (When Ya Kiss Me) Jackie DeShannon, Sharon Sheeley Jackie De Shannon - Arr. & Conducted by Belford Hendricks July 1961 Covered by Rita Pavone
Bad Water Jackie DeShannon, Jimmy Holiday, Randy Myers The Raeletts November 1970 Covered by (5 artists)
Bette Davis Eyes Jackie DeShannon, Donna Weiss Jackie De Shannon September 1975 Covered by (57 artists)
Blue Ribbons (For Her Curls) Jackie DeShannon, Sharon Sheeley Vic Dana January 1965 Covered by (3 artists)
Boat to Sail Jackie DeShannon Jackie DeShannon September 1975 Covered by Carpenters
Break-a-way Jackie DeShannon, Sharon Sheeley Jackie De Shannon REC, Irma Thomas REL 1963 Covered by (31 artists)
Can't Help Forgiving You Jackie DeShannon, Sharon Sheeley The Searchers April 1964 Covered by Mark Wynter
Children and Flowers Jackie DeShannon The Critters December 1965 Covered by Jackie DeShannon
Come and Stay with Me Jackie DeShannon Marianne Faithfull December 31, 1964 Covered by (9 artists)
Don't Doubt Yourself, Babe Jackie DeShannon The Byrds June 21, 1965 Covered by Jackie DeShannon
Don't Put Your Heart in His Hand Jackie DeShannon, Sharon Sheeley Ral Donner April 1963 Covered by Kiki Dee
Don't Turn Your Back on Me Jackie DeShannon Jackie DeShannon November 13, 1964 Covered by (3 artists)
Dum Dum Jackie DeShannon, Sharon Sheeley Brenda Lee with Chorus and Orchestra directed by Owen Bradley May 21, 1961 Covered by (5 artists)
Each Time Jackie DeShannon The Bon Bons [US1] 1964 Covered by (2 artists)
Great Imposter Jackie DeShannon, Sharon Sheeley The Fleetwoods July 1961 Covered by Lightspeed Champion
Heart in Hand Jackie DeShannon, Sharon Sheeley Brenda Lee March 7, 1962 Covered by (3 artists)
He Did It Jackie DeShannon, Sharon Sheeley The Ronettes 1965 Covered by (2 artists)
Hold Your Head High Jackie DeShannon, Randy Newman Jackie De Shannon April 22, 1964 Covered by (2 artists)
Holly Would Jackie DeShannon, Sharon Sheeley Jackie DeShannon October 1968 Covered by (3 artists)
I Remember the Boy Jackie DeShannon Jackie deShannon October 19, 1964 Covered by The Bandits [US]
I Shook the World Jackie DeShannon, Sharon Sheeley Bob B. Soxx and The Blue Jeans November 1962 Covered by Bobby Sheen
It's Just Terrible Jackie DeShannon, Sharon Sheeley The Kalin Twins June 8, 1962 Covered by (7 artists)
I Wanted It All Jackie DeShannon, John Bettis Jackie De Shannon September 1975 Covered by Patty Weaver
Just to Feel This Love from You Jackie DeShannon, Dean MacDougall Jackie DeShannon September 1977 Covered by Anne Murray
Let the Sailors Dance Jackie DeShannon, Randy Edelman Jackie De Shannon September 1975 Covered by (2 artists)
Movin' Jackie DeShannon, Jimmy Holiday, Randy Myers Jackie DeShannon September 1969 Covered by (2 artists)
My Heart Keeps Hangin' On Jackie DeShannon, Sharon Sheeley Brenda Lee June 25, 1964 Covered by (2 artists)
Over My Head Again Jackie DeShannon, John Bettis Jackie De Shannon September 1975 Covered by Agneta Zelán
Pure, Natural Love Jackie DeShannon, Glenn Ballantyne Nancy Wayne July 1974 Covered by (3 artists)
Put a Little Love in Your Heart Jackie DeShannon, Jimmy Holiday, Randy Myers Jackie De Shannon May 28, 1969 Covered by (109 artists)
Right or Wrong Jackie DeShannon, Sharon Sheeley Bobby Vee and The Ventures April 1963 Covered by (2 artists)
Santa Fe / Beautiful Obsession Van Morrison, Jackie DeShannon Van Morrison 1978 Covered by Jackie deShannon
She Don't Understand Him Like I Do Jackie DeShannon, Randy Newman Jackie De Shannon April 22, 1964 Covered by (4 artists)
Splendor in the Grass Jackie DeShannon The Boys [US] October 1965 Covered by (5 artists)
Till You Say You'll Be Mine Jackie DeShannon Jackie deShannon October 11, 1963 Covered by (6 artists)
To Be Myself Arthur G Wright, Jackie DeShannon Jackie DeShannon October 1966 Unverified
Vanilla O'Lay Jackie DeShannon Jackie DeShannon April 1972 Covered by (3 artists)
When You Walk in the Room Jackie DeShannon Jackie deShannon September 1963 Covered by (102 artists)
Woe Is Me Jackie DeShannon, Sharon Sheeley Helen Shapiro - With Accompaniment by Grady Martin February 1963 Covered by (2 artists)
You Can't Go Where the Roses Go Jackie DeShannon Marianne Faithfull 1967 Covered by Henry Dee
You Won't Forget Me Jackie DeShannon, Sharon Sheeley Jackie deShannon June 1962 Covered by (4 artists)



Title Performer Release date Label
All the Love - The Lost Atlantic Recordings Jackie DeShannon April 2015 Real Gone Music
Are You Ready for This? Jackie DeShannon October 1966 Imperial [US1]
Breakin' It Up on The Beatles Tour! Jackie De Shannon October 1964 Liberty
For You Jackie DeShannon September 1967 Imperial [US1]
Jackie Jackie DeShannon June 1972 Atlantic
Jackie De Shannon Jackie De Shannon August 1963 Liberty
Jackie... Plus Jackie DeShannon 2003 Rhino Handmade
Laurel Canyon Jackie DeShannon October 1968 Imperial [US1]
Laurel Canyon [re-release] Jackie DeShannon 2005 RPM [GB]
Me About You Jackie DeShannon March 1968 Imperial [US1]
New Arrangement Jackie De Shannon September 1975 Columbia [US]
New Image Jackie DeShannon March 17, 1967 Imperial [US1]
Put a Little Love in Your Heart Jackie DeShannon September 1969 Imperial [US1]
Quick Touches Jackie DeShannon 1978 Amherst Records
Songs Jackie DeShannon June 15, 1971 Capitol Records
Songs [Reissue] Jackie DeShannon 2006 RPM [GB]
This Is Jackie De Shannon Jackie De Shannon August 1965 Imperial [US1]
To Be Free Jackie deShannon 1970 Imperial [US1]
What the World Needs Now... Jackie De Shannon the Definitive Collection Jackie De Shannon 1993 EMI
When You Walk in the Room Jackie DeShannon September 2011 RockBeat Records
You Know Me Jackie DeShannon September 2000 Varèse Sarabande
Your Baby Is a Lady Jackie DeShannon 1974 Atlantic
You're the Only Dancer Jackie DeShannon September 1977 Amherst Records
You Won't Forget Me Jackie deShannon September 1965 Imperial [US1]

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