The Johnston Brothers

Johnston Brothers
United Kingdom
Male vocal trio formed in 1949 by Johnny Johnston. Other members included Alan Dean, Eddie Lester and Denny Vaughan.
Johnny Johnston
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Covers by The Johnston Brothers

Title Performer Release date Originally by
1955 Vera Lynn with The Johnston Brothers and The Roland Shaw Orchestra
December 1956 George Hamilton IV and The Country Gentlemen
1958 (unknown)
March 1952 Mills Brothers with Sy Oliver and His Orchestra
February 1954 Jim Reeves [US]
1957 Sam Lanin's Dance Orchestra - Vocal Chorus Arthur Hall, Campbell and Burr, Six Brown Brothers
Chee Chee-Oo Chee (Sang the Little Bird) Johnston Brothers Unverified
listen on Internet Archive November 1956 (unknown), Henry Thies and His Hotel Sinton Orchestra - Vocal Refrain by Don Dewey, Emma Carus PRF, Collins and Harlan REC
August 1954 The Crew-Cuts
April 1954 Ronnie Gaylord with Orchestra conducted by David Carroll
April 1955 The Royals, Etta James and "The Peaches"
listen on Internet Archive Downhearted Johnston Brothers 1953 Unverified
Flowers Mean Forgivness Johnston Brothers March 1956 Unverified
October 1954 Harmony Brothers (Hall and Ryan)
  September 1955 Carol Haney, John Raitt and Company PRF, Johnnie Ray - Orch. under dir. of Joe Reisman REC
  September 1955 Johnnie Ray - Orch. under dir. of Joe Reisman REC, John Raitt PRF
June 1956 Frank Sinatra with Nelson Riddle and His Orchestra
November 1954 Patti Page with Jack Rael & His Orchestra
November 1954 Al Jolson PRF, Moulin Rouge Orchestra (Ben Selvin) REL, The Melody Sheiks (Sam Lanin) REC, Lou Gold with The Melody Man - Vocal Chorus, Murray Amster
listen on Internet Archive I Love You Because Reggie Goff & The Johnston Brothers (Reggie Goff, The Johnston Brothers) 1952 Unverified
October 1956 Rusty Draper
listen on Internet Archive April 1956 Lucy Isabelle Marsh
1957 Isham Jones and His Orchestra, Sam Lanin's Dance Orchestra - Vocal Chorus Billy Jones, Al Jolson
March 1956 Isabel Bigley & Bill Hayes
April 1954 The Four Knights with Orchestra
listen on Internet Archive April 1956 Hubert Eisdell
August 1954 The Chords [US1]
November 1954 Adelaide Hall PRF, Meyer Davis' Swanee Syncopators – Vocal Chorus by Al Shayne REC, Ted Weems and His Orchestra, Earl Burtnett and His Los Angeles Biltmore Hotel Orchestra REC, Charles King BRD
October 1955 Sophie Tucker, Elisabeth Welch and Chorus PRF, The Ambassadors [US2] REC, Arthur Gibbs and His Gang REL, Rega Dance Orchestra (Fred Hager)
October 1956 The Jayhawks [US2]
April 1954 Clyde McPhatter and The Drifters
listen on Internet Archive November 1956 Charley Straight and His Orchestra - Vocal Chorus by Frank Sylvano, American Quartet, George Robey and Violet Loraine
October 1954 June Valli with Henri René's Orchestra and Chorus
May 1953 Mindy Carson and Guy Mitchell with Mitch Miller & His Orchestra
May 1954 (unknown), Côro Misto com Conjunto, Billy Shepard with Orchestral Accompaniment
listen on Internet Archive January 1954 Ken Mackintosh, His Saxophone, and His Orchestra
October 1955 Joseph Knecht's Waldorf-Astoria Orchestra, Gene Austin, Al Jolson PRF, Al Jolson with Isham Jones Orchestra REC
February 1954 Bonnie Lou
February 1955 LaVern Baker and The Gliders with Orchestra
August 1954 Burl Ives and Gordon Jenkins and His Chorus and Orchestra