Anneke Grönloh

Real name
Johanna Louise Grönloh
June 7, 1942
September 14, 2018
Singer born in Tondano in the former Dutch Indies (presently Indonesia), who had an immensely successful career in The Netherlands and Germany starting in 1959 that lasted throughout the 1960s. She scored a hit with "Brandend Zand", one of the best-selling Dutch songs of all time.
Wim-Jaap van der Laan Jr. Son
Femmy Grönloh Sister


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Covers by Anneke Grönloh

Title Performer Release date Originally by
1987 Dion, Anneke Grönloh met orkest o.l.v. Ger van Leeuwen
January 15, 1962 Dion
Covered by Anneke Grönloh & Wim-Jaap Jr.
September 1960 Leo Leandros - Orchester Bela Sanders und Chor, (unknown)
1962 (unknown), Chick Webb and His Orchestra - Vocal Chorus by Ella Fitzgerald
June 15, 1962 Mina [IT]
Covered by (2 artists)
1963 Mina - Orchester Werner Scharfenberger, Alie Roelvink
May 1, 1963 Αλίκη Βουγιουκλάκη
Covered by Betty Fransen
September 1963 The Crystals [US]
1986 Maria Mucke, Lonny Kellner, Lucie Schulz und Klaus Groß & Willy Behrendt und sein Hawaiian-Tanz-Orchester, (unknown)
Dromen Anneke Grönloh 1967 Unverified
1962 Harmony Brothers
1973 Cindy
May 1, 1963 Anneke Grönloh - Chor und Orchester Heinz Alisch
1963 Eddie Cantor
1962 Bob Hope & Lucille Ball [dubbed by Annette Warren]
1963 Weintraubs Syncopators
1982 Mari Trini
Ik Sta, Ga En Vecht Anneke Grönloh 1991 Unverified
1963 (unknown)
1963 Riz Ortolani e Nino Oliviero
La bambola Anneke Grönloh 1968 Unverified
September 1960 Gaby King und "Die 6 Perrys" - Tanzorchester Josef Niessen
1962 Furman and Nash
September 15, 1962 Jackie Lee und die Angels - Berlipp's Band
1962 Mina [IT]
1962 Jackie Lee und die Angels - Berlipp's Band
September 15, 1962 Connie Francis
1987 Creedence Clearwater Revival
December 6, 1963 Carmela Corren - Christian Bruhn und sein Orchester
1964 Roy Fox and His Orchestra
February 15, 1963 Carmela Corren
May 29, 1967 Sandie Shaw, (unknown)
2002 Vera Lynn - Addy Andrigo und sein Orchester, Caterina Valente
1982 Mari Trini
The Love Alarm (La Bambola) Anneke Grönloh 1969 Unverified
January 15, 1962 Helen Shapiro with Accompaniment designed by Norrie Paramor
June 15, 1962 Merle Kilgore
1963 Joni James - Lew Douglas Orchestra
June 1963 Αλίκη Βουγιουκλάκη
1962 (unknown)
1963 Nina Tscharowa - Horst Wende und sein Orchester
1962 Joni James - Lew Douglas Orchestra
December 6, 1963 (unknown)