Sven Ingvars
Sven-Ingvars Kvartett
Sven Ingvars Kvartett
Sven-Ingvars kvartett
Formed already in 1956 by Sven Svärd (drums) and Ingvar Karlsson (guitar/accordion), the band is generally considered the very first 'dansband' (= a typical Swedish/Scandinavian type of groups mostly playing cover versions of hits and pop songs in a certain and pair dance compatible way). Their first chart hit was Fröken fräken (1964).
Sven-Olof Petersson (1962-1987)
Sven-Erik Magnusson (1956–2017)
Hasse Svensson Bassist (1968–1987)
Kjell Öhman Additional pianist for


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Covers by Sven-Ingvars

Title Performer Release date Originally by
June 1967 Joel Mossberg
1969 Johnny Darrell REC, Bobby Goldsboro REL
1978 Roger Miller [US-OK], Per Myrberg
1973 The Beatles
1976 Margareta Kjellberg
October 1982 John Denver, (unknown)
1977 Peter McCann
March 1966 George J. Gaskin, J.A. Hultman
1989 Aaron Lebedeff and Lucy Levin, Andrews Sisters
1960 (unknown)
1973 Los Bravos, (unknown)
1961 Neil Sedaka with Stan Applebaum and His Orchestra
1961 Charlie McCoy and Bo Chatman
June 1961 Charlie McCoy and Bo Chatman
Covered by Matz Bladhs
1976 Sven Ingvars
1974 (unknown)
October 1982 Elvis Presley with The Jordanaires
Det gäller att leva Sven Ingvars med Sven-Erik Magnusson October 1982 Unverified
October 1987 The Crickets [US] REL, Buddy Holly and The Three Tunes REC
1971 (unknown), (unknown)
1985 Ewan MacColl & A.L. Lloyd, Tom Paxton, Pierre Ström
October 1987 ABBA, Birgitta Wollgård & Salut
1960 Fisk University Jubilee Singers
1981 (unknown), (unknown)
1976 Jimmy Cliff REL, Cat Stevens REC, Lill Lindfors
1985 Creedence Clearwater Revival, Lalla Hansson
December 1966 The Violents med Rune Wallebom
1977 Mort Shuman
i 1961 (unknown)
1985 Marion Harris
1969 Ernst Rolf
1965 Elvis Presley
1965 (unknown), (unknown), (unknown), Sven-Erik Magnusson
1981 Ray Charles, (unknown)
1996 Elvis Presley
1985 Tango-Orchester Dajos Béla mit Gesang: Kurt Mühlhardt, Leo Reisman and His Orchestra
1977 Little Willie Littlefield
1963 (unknown)
1976 Arthur Smith Trio, Siv och Maj - Charles Redlands orkester
1960 Bob Luman
1974 Jens Book Jenssen
1974 Maurice Chevalier BRD, Ben Pollack and His Park Central Orchestra - Vocal Refrain by Charles Roberts REC, (unknown)
1998 The Blasters, Rockfile
1985 Orchestre de la Boule Blanche sous la direction de Charlery-Banguio - Refrain chanté par Mlle Léona, (unknown)
1964 Lapp-Lisa
Covered by (8 artists)
1978 Sergio De Karlo, Charlie Spivak and His Orchestra - Vocal by Tommy Lynn
1981 Tommy & Jimmy Swarbrigg, (unknown)
1965 Brad Newman, Sven-Erik Magnusson
1973 José Feliciano, (unknown)
1978 Dan Hill [CA]
Covered by (6 artists)
1991 Kjell Rians sekstett - Egil Jacobsen, Nils Weingard och Thory Bernhards - Sam Samsons orkester
October 1982 Billy Grammer
Covered by Sten & Stanley - Sten Nilsson
1976 Billy Swan
1969 Owe Thörnqvist med Stråk-Herbert and his Original "Sätt-fartorkester"
1974 Sven Lindberg - Sam Samsons orkester
1976 Afric Simone
October 1982 Andrea Jürgens
Covered by (3 artists)
1961 The Goodtimers
June 1961 The Goodtimers
1973 Olle Adolphson
1991 The Cascades, Sten & Stanley
1976 Chuck Berry
1978 (unknown)
1976 Tamara PRF, Gertrude Niesen with orchestral acc dir. by Ray Sinatra REC, (unknown)
1965 Yngve Stoor med sin Hawaiiorkester
1961 Bobby Darin
1971 Charles Widden
1970 Elvis Presley with The Jordanaires
Covered by (3 artists)
October 1982 Albert Hammond - Arranged and conducted by Michael Omartian, (unknown)
December 1966 Bob Dylan REC, The Chad Mitchell Trio REL, Otto, Berndt & Beppo
Vi sjunger tillsammans Sven Ingvars 1970 Unverified
1961 Kjell Rians sekstett - Egil Jacobsen
Covered by Safer Six