The Fortunes

The Fortunes
The Fortunes and The Cliftones
United Kingdom
Harmony beat group


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Covers by The Fortunes

Title Performer Release date Originally by
1982 Neil Young
October 1965 Darlene Paul - Orchestra conducted by Jimmie Haskell
August 1, 1969 Marty Robbins
1987 The Orlons
July 1970 Petula Clark
1969 Salt Water Taffy - Arranged & Conducted by Meco Monardo
Fire Brigade The Fortunes 1968 Unverified
1971 Anna Identici
Covered by (9 artists)
1971 The Hollies
1991 Tony Orlando - Orchestra conducted by Chuck Sagle
April 1970 Connie Francis
Look Homeward, Angel The Fortunes September 18, 1964 Unverified
October 1965 The Drifters [US]
October 1965 Larry Kert
July 1970 Peggy Lipton
November 1968 Jacques Brel avec François Rauber et son orchestre, Rod McKuen
November 24, 1972 Doris Day
April 1964 The Crystals [US]
July 1970 Thelma Houston
August 23, 1963 The Jamies
April 1970 The Foundations
October 1965 Dionne Warwick
July 1970 P.J. Proby
October 1965 The Radiants
1994 Ciro Dammicco, Daniel Sentacruz Ensemble, Michael Holm
1987 Wilson Pickett
October 1965 Solomon Burke
October 1965 Roy Hamilton
June 24, 1966 The Dream Lovers
April 1964 The Miracles




Performances also appear on

Title Performer Release date Label
At the Cavern various artists April 1964 Decca
Thommy's Christmas Party various artists 1994 Ariola

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