Ben Selvin

Ben Selvin
Bar Harbor Society Orchestra
The Bar Harbor Society Orchestra
Ben Selvin and His Moulin Rouge Orchestra
Ben Selvin and His Orchestra
Ben Selvin & His Orchestra
Ben Selvin and His Orchestra - The Ambassadors
Ben Selvin & His Orchestra - Broadway Nitelites
Ben Selvin and His Orchestra - Vocal Refrain
Ben Selvin's Novelty Orchestra
The Broadway Nitelites
Broadway Nitelites
The Broadway Syncopaters
Buddy Campbell & His Orchestra
Buddy Campbell and His Orchestra
The Cavaliers [Ben Selvin]
The Cavaliers - The Knickerbockers [Ben Selvin]
Chester Leighton and His Sophomores
The Columbia Photo Players
Frank Auburn & His Orchestra
Golden Terrace Orchestra
The Harmonians
Hollywood Dance Orchestra
Kensington Serenaders
The Knickerbockers [Ben Selvin]
The Knickerbockers - The Radiolites
Lloyd Keating and His Music
Lloyd Keating and His Orchestra
Mickey Alpert and His Orchestra
Newport Society Orchestra
The Radiolites
Rudy Marlow & His Orchestra
Selvin's Dance Orchestra
Selvin's Novelty Orchestra
Selvin's Orchestra
Teddy Raph & His Orchestra
University Orchestra
March 5, 1898
July 15, 1980
United States
Musician, bandleader, producer and innovator in recorded music. Selvin was important in the development of Muzak in the 1930s, and served as an A&R director for several labels during his career.


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