The Lewis Family

Years active
1951 - 2009
United States
Family of gospel and bluegrass musicians from Lincolnton, Georgia
Little Roy Lewis


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Covers by The Lewis Family

Title Performer Release date Originally by
1977 Hank Williams
1974 Wally Fowler
January 1967 Trinity Mixed Quartet
August 1965 Norfolk Jubilee Quartette
1969 Lulu Belle and Scotty
January 1967 Fisk University Jubilee Singers
May 1976 Brown's Ferry Four
1963 Claude Gray
August 1976 J. H. Howell's Carolina Hillbillies
May 9, 1980 Maddox Brothers and Rose
1977 The Chuck Wagon Gang
1981 The Kendalls
1968 Dorothy Maynor with Unaccompanied Male Choir
1966 Norfolk Jubilee Quartet
January 1971 Rev. J.M. Gates
1999 Bill & Gloria Gaither and Their Homecoming Friends
1981 Johnny Cash
1981 Bobby Bare
1966 Bo Weavil Jackson, The Carter Family
January 1967 Mrs. Wm. Asher - Homer Rodeheaver
August 1965 The Chuck Wagon Gang
1966 Ernest V. Stoneman and His Dixie Mountaineers
May 1976 Jim & Jesse and The Virginia Boys
1963 The Stanley Brothers and The Clinch Mountain Boys
November 1963 Harrod's Jubilee Singers
November 1963 Howard Haney
August 1975 Edward Allen and Charles Hart
1963 (unknown)
August 1976 George Jones
June 1972 Tom T. Hall
1966 The Carter Family
1968 George Jones
August 1966 Georgia Yellow Hammers
1982 Mel McDaniel
1968 The Stanley Brothers
January 1967 Metropolitan Quartet
1969 Madame Magdalene Tartt Lawrence
1966 (unknown)
January 1967 Emile Berliner
November 1963 Standard Quartette, Golden Gate Quartet
May 1976 (unknown)
1974 Jeannie C. Riley
January 1967 Mrs. William Asher - Homer Rodeheaver
1973 Arthur Collins
August 1965 Cowboy Copas
i There Is Power In The Blood Little Roy Lewis & The Lewis Family (Little Roy Lewis, The Lewis Family) 1983 Unverified
1963 The Louvin Brothers
  August 1966 J.B. Whitmire's Blue Sky Trio REL, The Stamps Quartet REC
August 1976 (unknown)
1982 Jimmie Davis with Anita Kerr Singers
May 25, 2004 Selah Jubilee Quartet
June 1972 Lulu Belle & Scotty and Five String Banjo
1981 Roy Acuff and His Smoky Mountain Boys
August 1966 (unknown)
1981 Johnny Cash
August 1965 (unknown)
1977 Harry Macdonough and the Haydn Quartet with Orchestra
1999 The Jenkins Family
June 1972 (unknown)
1966 William McEwan
May 1976 William McEwan