Daniel Evans [GB1]

Real name
Daniel James Evans
November 30, 1969
United Kingdom
Singer from London who was a finalist in the fifth series of the X Factor in the UK. He is now based in Valencia, Spain.
Member of
The X Factor Finalists (2008)


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Title Performer Release date Label
Emotions - The Very Best of Daniel Evans Daniel Evans [GB1] September 15, 2014 (self-released)
Epilogue Daniel Evans [GB1] January 27, 2020 (self-released)
No Easy Way Daniel Evans [GB1] February 22, 2010 (self-released)
Songbook Daniel Evans [GB1] May 14, 2018 (self-released)
The Covers Collection - Vol. III Daniel Evans [GB1] September 27, 2016 (self-released)
Wicked Game Daniel Evans [GB1] December 2013 (self-released)


Title Performer Release date Label
Lay Me Down Daniel Evans [GB1] July 13, 2015 (self-released)
Reflections Daniel Evans [GB1] June 11, 2013 (self-released)
Storm Daniel Evans [GB1] February 14, 2012 (self-released)
The Covers Collection - Vol. 1 Daniel Evans [GB1] October 29, 2012 (self-released)
The Covers Collection - Vol. 2 Daniel Evans [GB1] November 2, 2013 (self-released)


Title Performer Release date Label
Annie's Song Daniel Evans [GB1] January 13, 2021 (self-released)
Anyone Daniel Evans [GB1] January 19, 2021 (self-released)
Between Good and Goodbye Daniel Evans [GB1] November 30, 2022 (self-released)
Both Sides Now Daniel Evans [GB1] December 28, 2020 (self-released)
Faithfully Daniel Evans feat. Miquel Rullo June 12, 2020 (self-released)
Fall on Me Daniel Evans feat. Erin Simms November 28, 2021 (self-released)
Fast Car Daniel Evans [GB1] February 24, 2015 (self-released)
In Case Daniel Evans [GB1] May 29, 2015 (self-released)
Let Me Love You (Until You Learn to Love Yourself) Daniel Evans [GB1] February 16, 2015 (self-released)
Morning Prayer Daniel Evans [GB1] February 27, 2015 (self-released)
Run Daniel Evans [GB1] December 23, 2020 (self-released)
The Sound of Silence Daniel Evans [GB1] June 3, 2017 (self-released)
Without You Daniel Evans [GB1] May 30, 2021 (self-released)
You're All I Need to Get By Daniel Evans [GB1] January 19, 2021 (self-released)

Performances also appear on

Title Performer Release date Label
Remember Me Thomas Unmack December 30, 2015 (self-released)